Soon, Use Your Whatsapp Account With Facebook, Multiple Devices (Mobile, Laptop, Tablet)

Soon, Use Your Whatsapp Account With Facebook, Multiple Devices (Mobile, Laptop, Tablet)

Ever since the launch of the instant messaging service Whatsapp, it has never failed to add new features on its platform. Even during pandemic times like these, where production and putting new things in the market is a bit more tedious than otherwise, we have news from the Facebook owned Whatsapp.

The Facebook owned messaging service is allegedly working on a feature that will allow users to connect their WhatsApp account to multiple devices.

Let’s shed some more light on this.

Whatsapp to Launch Multi-Device Feature

WhatsApp has been working on a multi-device support feature since quite some time now. It has been reported by WABetaInfo, the online portal dedicated entirely to the coverage of Whatsapp’s platform and features, that a new Android Beta release of the app, with version 2.20.152 has been released.

So now, let’s understand what you can expect from the ‘multi-device support’ feature. According to this feature, users will be able to access WhatsApp their single Whatsapp account on multiple devices, like smartphone and tablets at a single time.

Currently, WhatsApp allows the user to access the app only on one device at a time for a single account.

Even while using WhatsApp web, a user can access the account when connected to the app on the phone. 

The new feature is likely to provide multi-device support independent of each device for a single account.

What can You Expect from Beta Versions?

We have come to know that this feature is currently under development for a few months and the company seems to constantly push new Beta releases, which can suggest that the feature might be rolled out soon.

According to some screenshots shared by WABetaInfo, we can see a fresh development on the multi-device feature showcasing a “Linked Devices” screen on the app.

They also somme other screenshots, which depict WhatsApp’s new Linked Devices screen. 

The display message of the Linked Devices features reads, “Use WhatsApp on other devices. Send or receive messages from your browser computer or Facebook portal.”

The message is followed by a “Link a new device” button at the bottom.

According to the report, the Multi-Device feature is not yet available. WhatsApp is likely to release the feature for beta versions in the upcoming months.

App May Show Dependency on WiFi

According to the snapshots provided by WABetaInfo, it can be seen that the messaging service will prompt users to connect a new device over Wi-Fi.

A pop-up notification on the screen reads, “Without Wi-Fi, logging in may be slow, and may use a large amount of your data plan.”

Even though the reason behind this dependency on WiFi isn’t crystal clear, it is being interpreted that the device would need strong internet connection clearly to sync chat data from the primary device.

This is likely to speed up the download of chat history on to the new device. WhatsApp is likely to copy the user’s chat history on to a new device.

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