Whatsapp Brings 3 New Features: Find Out How These Will Change Your Usage Pattern Forever

Whatsapp Brings 3 New Features: Find Out How These Will Change Your Usage Pattern Forever
Whatsapp Brings 3 New Features: Find Out How These Will Change Your Usage Pattern Forever

Whatsapp will soon have three more features that have been awaited by us Whatsapp users. The latest beta version of the popular social networking app comes with three new features, such as advanced search, password-protected backups and more!

Whatsapp recently announced an upgrade to its video calling feature. Also, taking into consideration the recent lockdown and the spreading of the rumors, Whatsapp also introduced the feature of forwarding messages only to one person at a time.

Let’s find out more about the newest features that Whatsapp will be introducing soon.

Whatsapp Introduces Three New Features In The Latest Beta Version

WABetaInfo has reported that there will be three new features in the latest beta version of WhatsApp, which are Advanced search, password-protected backups, and automatic download rules.

These features are in pipeline for Android users, whereas for iOS, Advanced Search has already been made available in WhatsApp beta for iOS 

Advanced Search

One of the features that will be introduced is the Advanced Search, which will make it way easier to perform a text-based search for photos, audio, links, GIFs, video, and documents. 

The advanced search feature will help anyone who has a huge storage of messages. It will help to track down files, links or photos that have been sent to you way back in the past. There is no news about when this feature will arrive in the actual version of Whatsapp.

Automatic Download Rules

Another feature that will be introduced by Whatsapp is new automatic download rules. This feature is apparently undergoing development and it will help us save our internet data. About these features, WABetaInfo has revealed, “frequently forwarded images, videos, documents and voice messages will be never automatically downloaded from WhatsApp.” As per reports, this feature will be enabled by default when it is introduced.

Password Protected Backups

The last feature that will be introduced is password-protected backups. Security is a huge issue with social media today, and now, WhatsApp has taken some steps to prevent security leakages. Message backups will now be protected with a password of at least eight characters.

The password that you choose will not be synced with Facebook or Whatsapp, which definitely reduces the risk of it being intercepted or hacked. On the other hand, if you do forget your password, you will lose access to your backup.

We’ll let you know when these most awaited features finally arrive. However, you can try these features on the WhatsApp Beta version if you sign up as a Whatsapp Beta version.

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