Infosys To Offer Double Salary For Freshers With These Skills; Find Out What Infosys Is Looking For In Campus Hiring 2020

Infosys To Offer Double Salary For Freshers With These Skills; Find Out What Infosys Is Looking For In Campus Hiring 2020
Infosys To Offer Double Salary For Freshers With These Skills; Find Out What Infosys Is Looking For In Campus Hiring 2020

Infosys Limited is the second-largest Indian IT company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. The major issue of Indian IT industry however is the starting salaries of fresher engineers. They show no improvement- it has gone up from about ?3.5 lakh per annum a decade ago to about Rs 4.5 lakh now.

The Infosys Group HR Krish Shankar explained in an exclusive interview what the company is looking for in campus hires this year.

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Get Double Salary for Digital Skills!

Shankar told Business Insider that the tech major they are looking for in hires this year is ‘power programmers’. 

He said, “Some of the skills that I can either learn on Infosys campus with a Rs 4.5 lakh salary or I can do something alongside an engineering degree and come on board. If you’re at the base without much of a skill, it is tough.”

The ‘power programmers’ are hired at twice the slated salary but they go through a tougher test than the rest. Compared to other campus hires they are hired at almost double the starting salary. He also said, “If people can pass the test and come as a power programmer then I think that’s fine.”

Infosys also has a ‘Digital Tag’ initiative, which focuses on incentivising employees who are proficient in any of the 36 skills identified by the company. The company offers special quarterly bonuses to 2,000 skilled employees.

TCS’s National Qualifier Test for freshers and experienced employees to get higher pay is similar. TCS also pays twice the salary for anyone cracking the test. 

InfyTQ: For Students Who Can’t Be on the Campus!

InfyTQ is an e-learning platform that brings in students from all over India, who are still in 3rd year or final year of the engineering course, to study and give the test. The tech major shortlists these employees with internal coding tests and hackathons. They get an offer if they pass the test. 

Shankar when explaining InfyTQ said, “InfyTQ is a learning-cum-assessment platform. They learn and pass the test and we shorten the training program and fast track them. Our fast track program training takes place in Mysore. If in the first six months they come in the top 5% or 10%, we accelerate their growth within two years and they can really move on to the next level. So, if people learn fast and perform, then I think the opportunities are phenomenal.”

In addition he stated, “Even people who have already joined us, and can pass the test and hackathon, we tend to put them as power programmers.” Similar to the TCS, the Infosys employees can also give this test to experience a payment hike. 

In reality, the programme was initially started for the employees within the company, and later expanded to students across the country. The programme witnessed a ghastly number of 300,000 registrations. Of the total entries just 1800 students were hired- including 400 in specialist roles, which are normally open to students from elite colleges like IIT.

How Will Covid-19 Pandemic Affect Campus Hiring Process?

Coronavirus has brought the economy of many countries drastically down! The escalating cases of the virus are causing the companies to shut downs. 

A Nasscom executive said, “IT companies have seen demand and bill rates crash, as clients have moved to doing only the most crucial work to keep their business running. New deals are not being signed and old ones are being placed on standby.”

In India, the pandemic has dampened the scenario involving potential hiring. Students will have to try harder to improve the odds of getting a well-paying job by brushing up their digital skills.

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