#Coronavirus: 2.4 Lakh Infosys Employees, 10,000 Ford India Employees Working From Home

#Coronavirus: 2.4 Lakh Infosys Employees Asked To Work From Home; 10,000 Ford India Employees Will Work From Home
Coronavirus: 2.4 Lakh Infosys Employees Asked To Work From Home; 10,000 Ford India Employees Will Work From Home

The dangers of Coronavirus has the world cancelling phone launches, shutting down offices and telling employees not to come to the workplace and work remotely. First, it was IT companies and now automobile manufacturers are also falling into step.

Leading automobile manufacturer, Ford has also allowed its employees to work from their respective houses due to the gradually increasing risk of the Coronavirus. 

Coronavirus has infected more than 152 people in India and the death toll now stands at 3. The situation is grave, no doubt. Health ministry has already advised private sector organizations/employees to work wherever feasible. 

Automobile Manufacturer Ford Allows 10,000 Employees To Work Remotely

Automobile manufacturer Ford has now allowed 10,000 employees to work from the safety of their homes, due to the Covid-19 spreading at a highly alarming rate. A spokesperson from the company has revealed that this decision has been taken due to the danger of Coronavirus taking a turn for the worse. 

The spokesperson said, “Therefore, starting Monday March 16, we have instructed much of our India workforce (over 10,000 people) including Ford India and Global Business Services – except those in business-critical roles that cannot be done away from Ford facilities – to work remotely until further notice.”

The company has assured that they will be acting in real-time to ensure the safety of their people and curb the spreading of the virus in the communities of their work and life.

Other automobile manufacturers, like Tata Motors, Volvo have also suggested their employees to work from home.

Infosys Extends Work From Home For All Employees

Infosys has also asked its people to work from home, while assuring that client confidentiality and security will be taken care of. Seven people in Karnataka have been tested positive so far.

Salil Parekh, CEO and managing director said, “Prioritizing the care of our employees, the commitment to our clients, and the respect for our communities, Infosys has advised employees to work from home where possible while ensuring client confidentiality and security.”

Parekh has asked employees to stay safe and calm and extended its earlier announcment of work from home. 

As per the state government, IT companies function in air-conditioned and cool atmospheres where there is a higher risk of spreading of the virus. 

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