Coronavirus Mythbusters By Govt: Who Should Wear Mask, Can Ice Cream Lead To Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Mythbusters By Govt: Who Should Wear Mask, Can Ice Cream Lead To Coronavirus?
Coronavirus Mythbusters By Govt: Who Should Wear Mask, Can Ice Cream Lead To Coronavirus?

With the latest updates coming in, the count of coronavirus cases rises to 147 in India.

Amidst the outbreak, people are following suggestions floating on the internet while some of them are marked fake by the authorities.

Citing the rising cases of deadly coronavirus infections in India, the Union Health Ministry has issued an advisory on wearing masks to prevent contagion. 

Also, the advisory comes amid rapidly surfacing reports about shortage of masks and overcharging.

How And When To Use A Mask?

Lately, there has been a mad rush across the country for buying masks, the advisory says that everyone need not wear a mask and one should only wear a mask under three scenarios.

Question – When to use a mask?

Answer –

  1. In case you have symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty in breathing.
  2. If you are caring for a COVID-19 infected or suspected person.
  3. If you are a health worker attending patients with respiratory problems.

Question – What is the proper way to wear a mask?

Answer – answering the question, the advisory has also explained how you should wear a mask to protect yourself from coronavirus infection.

  1. First Of all, unfold the pleats of the mask, it’s important to ensure they are facing down.
  2. Now, place the mask on your face to cover your nose, mouth and chin completely and ensure that there are no gaps on any side.
  3. You will have to change the mask every six hours or once it is wet. Hold the mask by the strings and avoid touching the mask while wearing it.
  4. Also, don’t touch the exterior of the mask as they have the risk of contamination.
  5. Never leave the mask hanging from the neck.
  6. Remember, never reuse disposable masks and make sure that the used mask is dumped in a closed bin.
  7. Always remember to wash your hands with soap and water or sanitizer when you remove your mask.

The government has also advised people to frequently wash hands and avoid social interactions, among the other precautionary measures.

What Are the Myths About Coronavirus?

Out of many, one is, coronavirus can be treated by gargling with warm water mixed with salt and vinegar. 

To remove the misunderstanding, there are many tweets to spread awareness.

As we are in the initial stages of acquiring the knowledge about this virus, so cannot comment on the correctness.

Another one is, avoid eating ice cream to prevent Coronavirus. 

It has nothing to do with coronavirus. But if people get a cough and cold because of ice cream, it is better to leave it to avoid the confusion over coronavirus. 

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