Realme UI vs MIUI: 10-Point Killer Comparison, Can Realme Win?

Realme UI or MIUI, who’s better? Here’s an in-depth comparison distinguishing the two most sought-after UIs in India. The Realme UI has been trending since it arrived, and people can’t wait to know whether it’s better than MIUI or not.

Realme UI vs MIUI: 10-Point Killer Comparison, Can Realme Win?

Is the latest Realme UI better than the most used custom UI in India, MIUI?

Well, there’s a lot to look into before we arrive at a decision, and you need to read this to know who’s killing it.

While Xiaomi continues to rule the smartphone market in India, Realme is the undisputed challenger who’s making it big in India with every release. Soon it will be one of three biggest smartphone sellers in India, and Realme has a lot riding on the new Realme UI.

Let’s check out who wins the custom UI game in India, Realme UI or MIUI.

Realme UI vs MIUI: In-Depth Comparison (Realme vs Xiaomi)

Realme is set to push its latest UI to multiple smartphones soon, and ready to take on MIUI 11. So, can Realme UI beat MIUI in terms of compatibility, features and user experience?

Let’s checkout what MIUi and Realme UI offers and not.

Android 10 Capability

Both the MIUI and Realme UI are based on Android 10, while the current MIUI 11 has a version based on Android 9 Pie as well. But importantly, both of them are built on the latest Android 10. 

So, there’s no big difference in here with both MIUI and Realme UI having the latest Android 10 version update.

Customizations & Look

Both MIUI and Realme UI are loaded with custom features and benefits. From theme store to look to how you want your smartphone to appear, both Realme UI and MIUI have loads to the offer in terms or customizations.

There are a few additional functionalities that Realme UI offer, making it slightly better and more user-friendly.

Dark Mode

Both Realme UI and MIUI support system-wide dark mode. So, you can experience the rich dark goodness on both Realme and Xiaomi smartphones throughout the system. There’s hardly any difference in terms of how they operate under dark mode.

You can customise the dark modes on both as well.

But the Realme UI dark mode officially supports more than third-party apps than the current MIUI 11, which gives Realme UI some added advantage here.

Notification Panel

The notification panel over the years have gained immense importance. So, it’s really important to have it sorted and set. The notification panels on both the UIs have a similar appearance with important functions to add on both.

Though in terms of use, the Realme UI does fit better when it comes to one-handed usage.

It’s a bit more structured than MIUI 11, making Realme UI easier to use if compared heads-on. In all, both are good, and there’s nothing to complain.

Smart Assistant & Smart Sidebar

Both Realme UI and MIUI have the Smart Assistant on their left swipe on homepage. You can customise and add what you like. Both the smart assistants are handy, and work without any hassle.

To quick launch apps on MIUI, the latest MIUI 11 have Quick ball option, wherein you can add five apps to be accessed instantly.

Coming to the quick use on Realme, the Realme UI has a Smart Sidebar button for quick access to your favorite apps.

Just add apps to your smart sidebar on your Realme device, and you can quickly access them with the Smart Sidebar button.

Animations & Ambient Screen

Both the UIs support customized animations, but Realme UI has some more, and they look good. Coming to ambient screen, MIUI 11 wins the game straight up here. The screens offered by the MIUI are far better and unique compared to Realme UI.

The ambient screens offered by Realme UI are very basic. 

Ads & Camera App

Realme UI come with ads. So no more of blaming only MIUI. Both Realme UI and MIUI come with ads. Well, it can be turned off on both the systems, and it equals them here. You can disable the ads off on both under different system settings turning off recommendations.

Both the UIs have some very good camera apps offering loads of photography and videography features to experiment with. 

Full Screen Navigation & Screen Recording

Both Realme UI and MIUI support full-screen navigation. Coming to screen recording feature, both the UIs support it. There are some differences, as Realme UI have some additional features. The screen recording feature on Realme UI can record video from the front and back camera with audio.

The current MIUI 11 have screen recording option, it does not support front camera screen recording with audio.

Game Mode & Digital Wellbeing

Both Realme UI and MIUI dedicated game modes supporting an array of features specific to gaming. They support the Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature, and that’s an important addition. The feature is available inside the settings on both MIUI and Realme UI.

Digital Wellbeing helps you to track your mobile usage.

Power Saving Mode & Device Security

The Realme UI have different modes to choose under Power Saving Mode while MIUI has a single option. Both works well, but Realme UI offers you to take control over the power saving and use it according to your preferences.

Both the UIs have all the necessary device security features with support for Randomised MAC address.

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