Ads On MIUI Will Be Optimised, Confirms Xiaomi: 5 Things You Need To Know

Many users complained of too many ads hampering the user experience on Xiaomi smartphones. While it turns out to be a hue and cry now, and the company is forced to take an action. Even many competitor companies take a jibe at Xiaomi for running ads within the UI and system settings.

The company last year confirmed that it will run ads within the UI to raise revenue.

Selling phones at such a thin margin is not letting them stay operational, and hence needed a new revenue stream.

While running ads seems like a potential option, but it deliberately hampers the user experience. No other company does it, even Realme, the super-budget smartphone maker in the country.

Users were okay with ads within the browser or Mi apps, but the unnecessary ads everywhere does push you to not to choose a Xiaomi or Redmi device, even if they good and budget-friendly.

Well, Xiaomi has now seems to have understood what’s going wrong. If they won’t be able to sell their devices, where will they run their ads?


What Next: Xiaomi To Stop Running Ads Within MIUI?

Actually no. The company will continue running the ads, but not everywhere. We know they sell phones within thin margins, so will need a way to generate some revenue at operational level. Users have criticized the company for running ads heavily within the MIUI, which will change.

The total ads will come down, or to say, it will be optimised according to the user interface.

The company has confirmed that it will not be getting rid of ads on their MIUI, but will optimize. The new algorithm on the operating system to run ads will be based on user preference.

Ads On Xiaomi & Redmi Devices: But Why Ads?

Xiaomi has always been committed to offering smartphones and products which offer great value at affordable prices. While that has forced them to stay and work within a very thin profit margin, it needed more revenue streams to generate additional revenue to stay operational in a comfortable zone.

The company earlier tried with different paid apps and services, but things didn’t work well.

The budget and mid-budget segment users hardly go for any paid apps or services.

As a result, the company later chose to run ads within their own operating system to generate additional revenue. It had nothing to sell this time. All they has to do was place in ads within the system settings and UI.

Hampering The Overall User Experience: Ads Make Huge Profits?

The decision to run ads turned out to be a huge letdown among users. The company has a huge customer base in Asia, the largest in the country. As the company started to make huge gains with ads in so many devices, they are in mood to stop it.

A major part of the revenue of Xiaomi comes from internet and services. In the last quarter, the ads and such other related services accounted for 9.7 percent of company’s total revenue.

Several thousands of users has complained, even occasionally many companies make fun of them, but still they wish to continue with it.

Many users choose a device depending upon the user experience it will offer.

Maybe not all, but Xiaomi will definitely lose a section of users to Realme and budget-series phones from Samsung and Asus.

Xiaomi Will Still Run Ads Within MIUI, But This Time With Certain Optimisations

The company has confirmed that the ads will stay, and they are in no mood to take them away, as of now. It instead will optimize them and ensure that it does not affect the users anywhere. It’s hard to understand how they still plan to run ads and that won’t harm the user experience.

Well, according to the company, the ads will be optimised within the MIUI depending upon user preferences.

So, it only plans to change how they place their advertisements. The company further added that they will also remove certain inappropriate ads which ruin user experience.

New MIUI Ad Algorithm: How Will That Exactly Work?

It’s still not sure how they choose to optimise the ads. Afterall, it’s ads they stay, and to be honest, it will ruin the experience anyway.  In the recent update, Xiaomi just plans to use a few more algorithms which will improve the reach rate for advertisements.

Plus, as an addition it will make sure that the ads you see within your MIUI are relevant to your interests. To sum up, it will still run ads. This time it’s just more relevant and personal.

It’s better to pay a couple of thousand bucks extra to buy another good device in the same range who don’t run ads within their UI and system settings.

One has to use the device everyday for at least a year. So, why ruin your daily user experience to save a few hundred bucks.

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