Redmi Laptop To Launch With Redmi X On May 13: Is It Coming To India?

Redmi Laptop will launch alongside Redmi X?
Redmi Laptop will launch alongside Redmi X?

Xiaomi produces an array of products including consumer electronics. While it’s famous in India for its smartphones, there are some great non-smartphone products under Xiaomi available in China. After sidelining Redmi as an independent brand, the sub-brand is rumoured to be launching its own laptop now.

The speculated Redmi laptop will launch alongside Redmi X on May 13.

The company has already confirmed the launch date for its upcoming flagship, Redmi X (aka Redmi K20 Pro).

Xiaomi will unveil the flagship just a day before OnePlus 7 series in China to take on the entry-premium segment. The upcoming Redmi flagship will share a lot of features with the much-hyped OnePlus 7 Pro including the pop-up sensor, Snapdragon 855 chip, three rear cameras and more.

Coming back to the Redmi laptop, let’s check out what’s cooking at Xiaomi’s newly separated independent brand.

Redmi To Launch Budget Laptop Alongside Redmi X On May 13

While the new Xiaomi sub-brand has been scaling up very rapidly, it has been able to add up more than half a dozen phones in less than two quarters. After its first independent launch in China back in January, the company has been able to deliver multiple smartphones at some great value-for-money pricings.

Do note, that Redmi still operates under Xiaomi in India because of the latest FDI rules. The company uses the Redmi By Xiaomi tag for its Redmi smartphones in the country.

From entry budget handsets to mid-budget to upper midrange, and now a entry premium flagship, Redmi has set a new tone for the company.

Adding up with a budget laptop will definitely help the company scale further.

Till now Xiaomi launched laptops or as they foldly name, Notebooks under its Mi brand. This is going to be the first laptop under the new Redmi sub-brand. Redmi’s primary focus being value-for-money products is helping it work in massive markets like China and India.

The pricing is again going to be very affordable, similar to it’s current crop of phones.

Redmi Laptop Launch On May 13: What To Expect?

A few days back Xiaomi Smart Hardware Division GM Tang Mu gave out a hint of a second product at the Redmi X launch on Weibo. The upcoming Redmi Snapdragon 855 flagship is not going to be the only product to launch on May 13.

Until now, the second Redmi product was expected to be a smart home product under the sub-brand.

But a new leak has popped up claiming the second product to be actually a Redmi laptop.

The company has confirmed there’s a second product to be launched on May 13 alongside Redmi X, but they are yet to reveal any detail. If the leak’s valid, then this is going to be the first laptop from Redmi sub-brand.

Redmi Laptop India Launch: Will It Come To India?

Strangely, all the Redmi products launched in China after being separated from Xiaomi has landed in China. Even Redmi Note 7 Pro launched first in India, and later made way to its own home market. If Redmi X will launch in India, and a budget Redmi laptop exists for real, it should come to India, chances are pretty high.

Xiaomi till now hasn’t launched any laptop in India, and a new product would be great to start with.

The leak revealed that the Redmi laptop if going to be a affordable, similar to its current phones.

Mi Notebooks remain exclusive to China, so are not coming to India anytime soon. With Redmi launching a laptop under its own brand, it may come to India, but we need to wait till Xiaomi India confirms.

Well, Xiaomi is set to launch a new device in India this month featuring a three camera setup at the back running on Snapdragon 730, expected to be he next Mi A series device, Mi A3.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Redmi laptop!

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