Redmi X Latest Update: Android Q Support, Scary AnTuTu Score, Gaming Optimisation & More!

The upcoming Redmi flagship continues to be a part of the hype. The company GM Weibing has been successful in creating a huge buzz around the smartphone with potential leaks. The latest being Android Q support, AnTuTu scores and gaming features.

Redmi Flagship: Android Q Support, Scary AnTuTu Score, Gaming Optimisation

The Redmi flagship launches on May 13.

While the company is still yet to reveal the name, the raining leaks and hype makes it a better entry-premium flagship even than the upcoming OnePlus 7.

We still need to wait for another couple of days to see who wins who, but the recent leaks does take things to the next level.

Let’s check out the three new leaked updates.

Upcoming Redmi Flagship Will Support Android Q Beta Out Of The Box

Redmi has confirmed that it’s upcoming flagship will support the newly announced Android Q beta out of the box. The initial list revealed had only two Xiaomi smartphones Mi 9 and Mi Mix 3 5G, who are supposed to get the Android Q Beta support.

But the company GM has now confirmed that the upcoming flagship by Redmi will also getting the new version of Android.

The Xiaomi Android Q beta program is already live for Mi 9 and Mi Mix 3 5G. The company could add the support for Android Q straight out of the box, or would offer additional support for the upcoming flagship on it’s ongoing Android Q beta program.

The new Redmi will be able to offer an Android Q friendly MIUI supporting all the new features and latest updates.

Redmi GM: AnTuTu Score Is Scary

Xiaomi VP and Redmi brand GM Lu Weibing claimed the upcoming Redmi Snapdragon 855 flagship has been able to achieve some scary AnTuTu score in a recent test.

Running on the new Snapdragon 855 processor and other latest internals, the phone should achieve high scores on benchmarks.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 can easily score above 380,000 on AnTuTu.

While the upcoming Redmi flagship also scores high on other aspects making it a well-optimized smartphone. The Redmi smartphone running on Snapdragon 855 can easily cross the 400,000 mark, toppling some of the best smartphones in the market.

Specifically Optimised For Gaming: Redmi Gaming Flagship?

The company GM confirmed that the upcoming Redmi flagship has been specifically optimised for gaming. Running on the latest Snapdragon 855, the smartphone will be able to offer some top notch smartphone gaming performance.

The Redmi flagship will come with game delay or break, top battery performance and frequency reduction.

While the battery capacity is not known yet, the company teased that the flagship will come with a battery that will be able to last for at least two days on a single charge. The Redmi flagship will also support 27W wired fast charging technology.

The use of two other features: game delay or break and frequency reduction will help the smartphone offer the much-talked about gaming performance.

The company hasn’t yet marketed the upcoming Redmi Snapdragon 855 flagship as a gaming smartphone or touted it’s gaming features as of now, but with the new features in place, things are to get interesting.

The smartphone has also been confirmed to be coming with an in-display fingerprint sensor, notch-less display and pop-up sensor technology.

The Redmi flagship will go official on May 13 in China, with an expected availability in a week.

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