Ads On Xiaomi Phones Will Stay: Company Releases Official Confirmation

Xiaomi has said that the ads visible in the 'Settings' section will stay.

Xiaomi says ads will stay!
Xiaomi says ads will stay!

Several Xiaomi users have been complaining that they are seeing ads everywhere on the MIUI interface, even in the Settings app of the phone. Till now, Xiaomi already showed ads in its Mi Browser, Mi Music, Mi File Manager and other company apps.

However, the ads in Settings, home screen and other system functions is badly hampering the user experience.

To clarify, the company now has released a statement on the ongoing ad saga and has admitted to the issue. The company is placing ads in the settings and other parts of the MIUI, and lastly added that these ads will stay.


Xiaomi Says Ads Will Stay: Statement

The official statement issued by the company on the matter states that this was intentional, and the company is actually pushing ads throughout the interface. These ads on the Xiaomi devices are here to stay, but according to the company, this won’t hamper user experience.

Xiaomi said that they intend for ads to be as unobtrusive as possible. Also, users on their own always have the authority to receive the least of recommendations.

So, to sum up, Xiaomi phones and its MIUI interface will keep running ads. The company may work under a 5-percent only profit policy, but its devices will remain ad-supported.

What If I Don’t Want The Ads?

Yes, you can get rid of these ads on your own, but not completely. Ads are anyway irritating, and now if you start seeing them everywhere, this affects your sacred personal space you are left with on your phone.

Xiaomi has the option to turn off the ads on the system UI, but don’t know for how long will it work.

Go to Settings > Additional settings > Privacy > Ad services. Turn off the “Personalized ad recommendations” option, and you will no more see ads on your settings menu or home screen.

To turn off ads in the File Manager, go to the hamburger menu of the File manager app, tap on Settings > About > and turn off “Recommendations”.

It’s highly recommended that you go to each system app like Mi Browser and Mi Music, and turn off these ads from app settings for a completely ad-free experience.

Xiaomi Android One Devices Won’t Show Ads

According to the statement issued, the ads are only served in the devices which come with company’s own skin, the MIUI. The Android One devices like Mi A1 and Mi A2 won’t show any ads.

The ads on the MIUI devices will continue and it has been an integral part of Xiaomi’s Internet services.

As per a report, it makes sense for Xiaomi to run ads on its system apps since it does not depend on making a profit from the smartphone or hardware sales.

Other Smartphone Makers Also Run Ads On Their Systems

Xiaomi is not the only smartphone company who is running ads on its system interfaces. Other companies who run in-system ads include Samsung and several major players from China.

Xiaomi currently is the largest smartphone brand in the country. The massive user base serves as an audience for Xiaomi’s ad services which is an active revenue generator for the company.

The company says it will keep running the ads, but disturbing the user experience may turn out dreadful for Xiaomi and its smartphones in the future.

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