Xiaomi Foldable Phone Official Teaser Out: 5 Things You Need To Know

Now, Xiaomi is officially competing against Samsung and Honor for dominating the foldable smartphone niche.

This is Xiaomi's official foldable smartphone
This is Xiaomi’s official foldable smartphone

After Samsung and Huawei, now it’s Xiaomi’s turn to woo the crowd. The company has already been in the news for its foldable phone, and now again another rumored teaser is out.

This is the second time a video is out with a foldable device running on MIUI.

But, this is supposed to be official, as the company VP Wang Zhang himself posted this video using thethe Mi foldable phone.

While the Xiaomi foldable phone will soon be a part of the rumor mill, these are the few things you need to know.


Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone Will Run On Snapdragon 855

The company has already released a flagship smartphone running on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship chip, the 855 SoC. After Xiaomi Mi 9, it’s expected to the Xiaomi foldable smartphone. The upcoming device will pack in the best of tech backed by latest features.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold already runs on Snapdragon 855 in the US.

A New MIUI For Xiaomi Foldable Phone

Both the videos have a similar iteration, the UI. The Xiaomi foldable smartphone is seen running on MIUI, the in-house UI developed by Xiaomi for its own smartphones and gadgets. Similarly, the Xiaomi foldable smartphone will also run on the same UI.

But, the company will be developing a special UI based on MIUI to suit the foldable interface.

The video has the device has gestures control features like the Android 9 Pie based MIUI.

The MIUI on both the videos seems to have a similar look and theme as the latest Xiaomi OS. But the company will be adding more features to make the OS more interactive on a foldable smartphone.

The First Foldable Smartphone With A Double Fold Design

The Xiaomi foldable smartphone is going to be different compared to the currently available Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X. Unlike these two foldable devices, the Xiaomi foldable smartphone is going to fold twice. You also need to unfold twice to use it as a tablet.

The Mi foldable phone will be using a double fold design.

It has two hinges or joints on either side, forming a two-fold screen.

So, either you choose to use the Xiaomi foldable device like a smartphone or a tablet, you will have to fold and unfold the device twice.

Xiaomi Foldable Phone To Launch By End Of Second Quarter

The Xiaomi foldable smartphone is expected to launch by the end of the second quarter. The device may be unveiled in the second quarter, which may happen around April to June. As the device is already in the making, the launch is expected to be imminent.

The display is also said to be co-developed in collaboration with Visionox.

The Xiaomi Foldable Phone Will Cost Half The Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been launched at $1,980, which translates to around INR 1,35,550. The Huawei Mate X also costs more than 2 lakhs if the European pricing is converted to Indian currency. But, the Xiaomi Foldable phone is rumored to cost half the price of the Galaxy Fold.

Still, it will cost more than some of the top-end current flagships.

The present foldable smartphones do not target the mass market. But with more innovations, one day we may get an actual consumer-ready foldable device with an affordable price tag.

Xiaomi has already been able to cut down the Samsung cost to half, so within a few years, we may actually have a budget foldable device ready.

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