India Shoots Down Satellite, Becomes A Space Superpower: 4 Reasons Why This Is Revolutionary

Only US, China and Russia were capable of this satellite warfare

India has now become a space superpower
India has now become a space superpower

India has now become a space superpower, and only the 4th country after the US, Russia, and China to become so.

Yesterday, PM Modi announced to the nation that India has successfully destroyed a low earth orbit satellite, via anti-satellite missile technology, thereby cementing its position in the exclusive space superpower club.

Codenamed as #MissionShakti, this development elevates India’s position in the space race and forces all developed countries to acknowledge our achievements.

Here are 4 reasons why this demonstration of India’s space war capabilities was revolutionary:


Reason #1: Make in India Vision Becomes Powerful

The anti-satellite missile technology or ASAT which was used to destroy a low-earth orbit satellite by India has been indigenously developed in India, by DRDO or Defence Research and Development Organisation. Over 300 DRDO Scientists worked day and night for the last 6 months for this demo.

The work started in 2010, but then UPA Govt. showed no interest in demonstrating its capabilities. The test which happened yesterday was approved 2 years ago by PM Modi Govt., and successfully executed now.

This shows our Make In India vision’s capabilities, and power, and tells the world that India is now ready to produce technology which was earlier exclusive only to developed nations. This changes everything for India.

Reason #2: Secured India’s Borders Beyond Physical Boundaries

Successful testing of ASAT by India takes care of our security and integrity, and takes this beyond borders, up into space warfare. Indirectly, India has told the world, especially Pakistan and China, that they cannot threat India anymore.

As per  Arvind K. John, an analyst with New Delhi-based think-tank Observer Research Foundation: “The ASAT weapon is likely to be the most potent military tool for the armed forces over the next few decades, notwithstanding a revolutionary technological breakthrough,”

Reason #3: India Is Now Ready For Commercial Spin-Offs From Space Tech

ASAT technology is indeed groundbreaking, as only three other nations: US, China and Russia are capable of this. This positions India uniquely, as now, we can commercialize this technology, and help other nations to use it for humanitarian causes, and defense deals.

India’s space budget has increased from From Rs 4,163 crore in 2009-10 to Rs 11,538 crore in 2018-19, and the successful demo of ASAT to shoot down a satellite in space is the perfect catalyst to monetize this investment now. Besides, this successful testing is also seen as an extension of India’s long-standing commitment to master the ballistic missile defense (BMD) system.

An unnamed Govt. official said, “This technological achievement will have many spin-offs that we can exploit for civilian commercial use,”

Reason #4: This Will Create Ripples As Strong As Pokhran Nuclear Tests

In 1998, when India conducted their 2nd nuclear tests at Pokhran, then the world was stunned and shocked. Yes, India received heavy economic sanctions, but the tests proved India’s mettle and convinced the developed nations that India has arrived.

India shooting down a satellite in space has equal momentum to create similar ripples, across the world. A technology which was elite, and available only for US, Russia and China is now with India, and the world will have to take notice.

The successful tests conducted by India, using a technology which was 100% created in India, tells the world that nothing is impossible for India now.

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