India Prepares For Cyber War With Pakistan, China; India Defense Cyber Agency Will Launch In May

With all the development going about in the defense sector, concerning technology, the launch of Rafael, the successful succession of ‘Mission Shakti’, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) is now set to establish the defense Cyber Agency, among the three new tri-service agencies to outstand on the grounds of cyber welfare, space, and special operations. The defense Cyber Agency, along with space agencies will launch on May, in the capital city, Delhi, as per the clearance given by PM Modi, during the Combined Commanders’ Conference in Jodhpur last year.

Indian defense is well bolstered under its vigorous and save-raise regimes. It now aims to tackle the threats of cyberspace, posed by hackers from mainly China and Pakistan, to breach the security protocols for stealing information and creating disruption.

A Key Insight

The new tri-services include the defense Cyber Agency, defense Space Agency and a Special Operations Division, each of which will be headed by officers ranking Major General and equivalent positions in Navy and IAF. The cyber department we are focussing here, will be headed by senior Navy officer, Rear Admiral Mohit Gupta, marking the first-ever head of this agency.

Shedding more light into the ins and outs of the defense Cyber Agency, it will operate closely with the National Cyber Security Advisor and is to work only in the interest of military cyber-issues and not civilian counterparts. It is set to incorporate as many as 1000 personnel from all the three disciplines of defense – Army, Navy, and IAF. It has many a time been reported that cyber threats coming in from all around the world have started increasing at an exponential rate. At such a time, India is required to be equipped with technological skills and backup to combat the same.

Understanding the criticalities of such cyber security, the foundation has set up a task force headed by Lt. Gen. Davinder Kumar (retired) to suggest a road map for the same. Similarly, the Space Agency is set to work under close collaborations with ISRO and DRDO for better utilization and integration of satellites and elaborate information sharing. The Special Forces Division will have two SF battalion at its core, along with teams of Marcos and Garud.

The truth is with such a major involvement of every hemisphere in the cyberspace, threats of this kind have a hauntingly paranoid effect, marking large scales and territories. India, finally taking such an initiative will help it better guard all the security codes and documents.

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