Pune’s DRDO creates most powerful explosive in the World–60 times more powerful than RDX!


With out-dated weapons and equipment to fight, our armed forces are meant to protect our borders. How amazing right? Despite the fact that they don’t have the basic weapons required let alone having the futuristic ones, they have always done a fantastic job of protecting us. Be it 26/11, the numerous bomb blasts, the incursions by Pakistan and China, the wars with Pakistan, our politicians have always said the same line.

We will do all it takes to get the best weapons for the armed forces” All this dies down until the next attack.

But thankfully there is something called the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in this country which continuously keeps researching on new and futuristic weapons as well as thinking the best for our army.


RDX hasn’t been a thing of the present with the armed forces for a long time. They have been using warheads packed with HMX (a Nitroamine explosive chemically related to RDX), FOX – 7 or amorphous boron.

But with the development of CL – 20, an explosive designed by scientists at the High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune in collaboration with DRDO promises a revolution in weapon related technology in the country. It has propelled India into an elite club of countries who have technology in developing such materials.

So what is CL – 20 all about?

CL – 20 is named after the China Lake facility of the Naval Air Weapons Station in California probably because it was synthesised there first. CL – 20 is an octa–nitro–cubane explosive around 15 times more potent than HMX which itself is 4 times more potent than RDX! So can you even imagine the potency of CL–20?

It is the most powerful non – nuclear explosive synthesised by man till date. The scientists at the HERML designed it using special inverse technology.

What are the advantages of using CL – 20?

It will substantially reduce the weight and size of a warhead. And along with that, it would increase its potency for action much more compared to HMX or RDX. Its ability to increase the penetration would generate its importance for use in bombs for the 120mm main gun mounted on the main battle tank Arjun.

It also has reduced sensitivity and therefore allows for easier transportation, handling of the weapons.

Challenges ahead?

While RDX costs Rs 750 / kg, HMX costs Rs 6000 / kg, CL – 20 costs a crazy Rs 70,000 / kg. The HERML has partnered with Premier Explosives Limited in AP for the production. The costs have to come down a lot more for this explosive to be used by the army.

The HERML in partnership with DRDO is continuously researching low sensitivity explosives as well as green explosives because this is very important if not for anyone but for the benefit of our ARMED FORCES WHO FIGHT DAY IN AND DAY OUT TO PROTECT US.

  1. joe says

    I don’t know where you get your information my friend, but they are all wrong. CL-20 is an explosive from HNIW and totally different from Cubane which is about 30% more powerful that HMX and it’s nothing interesting since they and more powerful stuff out there now (e.g. DDF) Next tine,please check your references.

    1. xenotran says

      Thank you very much for mentioning this, I stumbled upon cl-20 and this article today, and after a bit of research I was shocked to find out that all of these specs were completely false. I wanted to mention something, but it appears you’ve already beaten me to it. I’m not sure how prestigious this news organization is in India, but this just shocking.

  2. balaji yadhav says

    IT is time that India invests in R & D more.DRDO should be well funded so that we dont have a dependence on foreign suppliers for our national security.We should have indigenous programs for our national defence procurement.All this investment in R&D will one day bear fruit.

  3. ANSHUL GUPTA says


    After Wikileaks even US secrete agencies could not be trusted! Don’t worry we are not at par with them! lol


  4. liju philip says

    can anything from DRDO be trusted? Sorry to be pessimistic, but honestly DRDO’s history doesnt give much comfort.

    Will wait for independent articles on this issue.

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      As pointed out by Anshul you never really know who to trust after Wikileaks :P..I have pointed this out after reading this somewhere and if this is true its really interesting..But then its really subjective who to trust and who not to…Currently after the Barkha Dutt scam, I am sure no one would trust the media too :)

  5. Yaamini says

    This is awesome !! Too good.

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