MIUI 9 –10 New Features & How To Get It Right Now!

MIUI 9 was announced by Xiaomi and we bring you 10 best features that this new ROM has got. And, if you have one of the compatible phones, you can actually get it right!



Xiaomi has announced their new MiUI 9 yesterday and the custom Android interface has a number of new and interesting layers.

Though, the UI is presently available for a few Xiaomi smartphones in China, but soon will make it’s debut on all the eligible Xiaomi handsets worldwide. The new MiUI 9 has a host of new and enhanced features which will take the Xiaomi Experience to a whole new level.


1. Image Search

The new Smart App Launcher will allow enhanced search options, which include Image Search in the gallery app. You can search your photo library based on people, locations, expressions, events, documents and even screenshots. Though, Google Photos have this feature already, MiUI 9 Image Search for the photo library will make finding photos really easy on the phone.

2. Smart App Launcher

With the Smart App Launcher, you will be able to quickly switch in between the applications based on the info that you see on your screen. For example, you open an app and then invoke the Smart App Launcher, it will read out all the info on the screen and accordingly will recommend you apps, which you may want to open. So, you don’t have to go back to the home screen, and search for the app. Rather, Smart App Launcher will do it for you. This will reduce your work, and save time.

3. Smart Assistant

Like Google, Xiaomi is coming up with it’s own Smart Assistant. Probably, the biggest takeaway in the MIUI 9 is the integration of a Smart Assistant. Like any other Smart Assistants, the Xiaomi Smart Assistant is a smart AI who will search for photos, texts, emails, notes, internet and do all your other tasks. It will have a smart hub on the left panel, which will give you access to all of your important information at one place. It’s more like a Google Now page, on steroids.

4. System Priority Optimizations

MiUI 9 is based on Android Nougat 7.0 and several enhancements has been made to make the MiUI faster and more responsive. Like Nougat, MiUI 9 will have Dynamic Resource Allocation which will help to deploy the hardware resources to the different apps depending on the level of their importance. The System Priority Optimizations feature is going to boost up the hardware resources to all the apps which are being used, to offer you an enhanced and faster experience.

5. Split Screen Multitasking

The multitasking feature will finally make it’s way into the Xiaomi devices with MiUI 9. Now you can split your screen to multitask. You need to tap onto the Recent button and you will get an option of ‘Split Screen Mode’ on the top. Now when you are selecting an app, you will get another option to select another app, and this will split the screen, and you can multitask. Plus, the apps which do not support split screen mode, will be overlaying the apps stating the same.

6. MiUI Lab

MiUI 9 will get a new feature called the MiUI Lab. The MiUI Lab supposedly will hold an array of experimental features for the the upcoming MiUI interfaces, which the Xiaomi users can test directly. This will be platform to test their unlaunched features, and users can directly test it in the MiUI Lab. You can get access to the MiUI Lab in the main settings option of your device.

7. Advanced Word Search

MiUI 9 will come with Advanced Word Search. With this feature, one will be able to deeply analyze any word you see on the screen. One needs to tap onto the word you want to search about, and you will get an option of ‘intelligent word segmentation’ which will give instant search results. This feature will help users to find out a particular word or a phrase with ease.

8. New Security App

The Security App on Xiaomi will get some new updates with MiUI 9. The new Security App will include Boost Speed, Dual Apps, Second Space, and App Lock. But the best one is the ‘Manage Apps’ sub option, with which you will get a clean layout on your device, so that you can easily read all the things at once. Following up, you can also onto any app for once, and you will get all the details of that app at one place.

9. New Home Screen

MIUI 9 will have an all new home screen, and you will get to see a number of visual and functional changes on the new UI. The Widgets Panel has got a facelift and will get their own page, like the ones on Stock Android ROM. In Settings, there is a new option to lock a screen, where you if lock a screen, you will not be able to move apps off that screen. The new home screen is easy and more user friendly with a clean layout.

10. Depth Search

MiUI has added a new feature, called the Depth Search. The Depth Search feature will help you to sort your thousands of images and other files on your device. The Depth Search feature will help you to find your files and sort them in a more proper manner, based on your requirements like location or date or event. The users can even search for screenshots on the new MiUI 9 with the Depth Search feature.

How to Install MiUI 9 on Your Device?

  • Step 1. Make sure, you are selected for the MiUI Beta Team, and then log into your Xiaomi device with the same User ID. If you are not a member yet, download Xiaomi MiUI Forum, and register yourself.
  • Step 2. Now, open Updater, and Check for Updates. You will see an update of ‘MIUI 9 Lightning Fast’ version. Now, simply tap onto the Update option.
  • Step 3. Sit back and relax. Upon successful download, restart your Xiaomi device. After it restarts, your device will be on the latest MiUI 9 Beta.

Xiaomi Devices Compatible With MiUI 9

Mi 2, Mi 2S, Mi 2A, Xiaomi Mi Note, Xiaomi Mi Pad, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi Note 3G, Redmi 1, Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 2 Prime, Mi 4C, Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon), Redmi 2 Prime, Mi 5, Mi 5 Pro, Mi 5s, Mi Max 32GB, Mi Max Prime, Mi MIX, Mi Note 2, Mi 4i, Mi 5s Plus, Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm, Redmi Note 4 Mediatek, Redmi 4, Redmi 4 Prime, Redmi 4A, Redmi Note 3 SE, Redmi Note 3 Mediatek, Redmi 3S, Redmi 3S Prime, Redmi 3X, Redmi 3, Redmi 3 Prime, Redmi Pro, Mi 4S, Mi Note Pro, Redmi 4X, Mi 6, Mi 5C, Mi Max 2, Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, Redmi Note 4X Mediatek, Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon, Redmi Note, Redmi 2A

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  1. priya says

    MIUI 9 tends to some vital issues that clients have called attention to for some time now, including the notifications and application launch speeds.

  2. priya says

    The MIUI 9 update will be released in batches beginning with the Redmi Note 4, Mi Mix 2 and Mi Max 2 . thanks for sharing.

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