ColorOS 7 vs MIUI 11: Which Offers The Best User Experience?

Xiaomi and Realme are currently the biggest competitors in the country. With each trying to offer the best of hardware at an affordable pricing, the software remains a big differentiator among the two, MIUI and ColorOS.

ColorOS 7 vs MIUI 11: Which Offers The Best User Experience?

Both being heavily customised, each offers a unique experience.

ColorOS comes from Oppo, and it powers both Oppo and Realme smartphones, an ex-Oppo sub-brand. While MIUI powers all the Xiaomi smartphones including devices by its sub-brands as Redmi, Poco and more.

So, among MIUI 11 and ColorOS 7, who’s got the better UI? Let’s find out.

?ColorOS 7 vs MIUI 11: What’s New & Better?

Before we directly jump into the latest features by the respective UIs, there has been a slew of upgrades offered by both ColorOS 7 and MIUI 11. The companies have done a great job bringing in the best of possible experience with less clutter and bloatware.

ColorOS 7 comes with many new including a new more stock look. It has borrowed a number of stock features from the Android 10 to offer a unique experience based on the same OS.

Starting with new features on ColorOS 7, there have been a few key updates as a freshly revamped UI, new icons pack, custom shaped icons, new wallpapers, Breeno smart voice assistant, improved RAM management, new sound effects, Portrait Mode 2.0, Soloop video editor and a lighter. visual design.

In comparison, MIUI 11 has a new minimalistic design with features as Dark Mode, Always On Display, Dynamic Clock and more.

MIUI 11 also includes lock screen personalisations, a redesigned notification light, a wallpaper carousel and new dynamic wallpapers.

MIUI 11 has different new features including thumbnails of files in the file manager for easy searching, previews of documents directly within the file manager, all new document viewer, upgraded To-Do functionality, Tasks Integration, floating calculator and more.

MIUI 11 vs ColorOS 7: Design & UI Interface

Starting with the design, ColorOS 7 looks more stock compared to the the MIUI 11. The latest ColorOS 7 offers more stock experience with simple icons and a minimalistic look. It helps the ColorOS 7 powered to offer a neat interface with the least clutter possible.

Also, Xioami has finally brought a cleaner and minimal version of Android with MIUI 11. The MIUI 11 has a new Classical theme which simpler icon shapes offering better consistency focusing on making the UI transition smooth with support for Dynamic Font Scaling.

But still the latest ColorOS 7 feels more compact, and have an edge here in terms of design and user interface.

Both the respective UIs by Xiaomi and Oppo offer various themes which can change the look of the phone’s UI making it easy for you what to choose and not, be it settings panel, notifications or even own applications as Phone, SMS or calendar.

MIUI 11 vs ColorOS 7: Customized Android 10

Both ColorOS 7 and MIUI 11 have taken a lot from the Android 10 offer a custom OS. Being a customized operating system, ColorOS 7 feels more like Android 10 than MIUI 11. Xiaomi has kept it the way it generally does, and only a handful of features have made its way into the current operating system.

Based on different Android versions, the final versions may though vary, but not much.

ColorOS 7 is directly based on Android 10, while most of the current Xiaomi and Redmi phones will be receiving or have received the MIUI 11 update based on Android 9 Pie. The Android 10 powered MIUI 11 will be rolled our later next year.

MIUI 11 vs ColorOS 7: System Wide Dark Mode

Both the UIs support a system-wide dark mode, the feature originally designed by Android 10. A much awaited feature on many smartphones, the system wide dark mode gained wide popularity worldwide for its energy saving capabilities and ability to offer a more sleek experience.

With the system-wide dark mode implementation, both MIUI 11 and ColorOS 7 actively supports it and adapts to most apps including third-party apps.

ColorOS 7 vs MIUI 11: Camera Interface

The ColorOS 7 also have some better enhanced camera algorithms compared to the MIUI 11. Xiaomi has also added an improved camera interface, but it largely remains the same. While on ColorOS 7, there has been some major upgrades, helping the smartphone to deliver a better camera UI experience.

ColorOS 7 packs in more excellent shooting features, better qualities, night mode features for low-light environment, bokeh effects from both front and rear cameras and the AI beautification 2.0.

The company has recently added a special video feature as well, a dedicated Soloop video editor. You can directly record or edit videos with the app without the need to download and install any third-party app.

ColorOS 7 vs MIUI 11: Ambient Display Customization

Xiaomi has some awesome always-on display customisations with MIUI 11. With multiple customization options for ambient display, you can pick an animated clock, colorful background or even a customised moving quote. 

MIUI 11 does better than the ColorOS 7 in this aspect. MIUI 11 comes with several always-on display themes to offer unique on-display options with customizable signatures.

MIUI 11 vs ColorOS 7: App Drawer & Memory Management

App drawer being a very useful feature, MIUI 11 again gave it a miss. It helps you to directly get into the drawer and search for apps installed on your device with a clean home screen. Many may not like it, but still app drawer being there makes it easy for many to use a smartphone. 

The ColorOS 7 offers the app drawer function, while MIUI 11 doesn’t. You can swipe up ColorOS 7 to find it all. 

MIUI 11 vs ColorOS 7: Office Features & In-Device Ads

Coming to features one would need on a daily basis, the latest MIUI 11 brings the Mi Work Office Suite, an all in one platform supporting all the office document related features compared to ColorOS 7. Xiaomi has done a good job here significantly offering friendly features for office workers.

MIUI 11 has now more ads, which does make it less attractive. ColorOS 7 doesn’t come with ads, but Xiaomi said the advertisements will be more relevant and absurd ads will be blacklisted. Also, on MIUI 11, you can choose to directly disable Ads.

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