RealmeOS Launch Timeline: Top Features, Supporting Smartphones, RealmeOS Launch Date

RealmeOS Launch Timeline: Top Features, Supporting Smartphones, RealmeOS Launch Date
RealmeOS Launch Timeline: Top Features, Supporting Smartphones, RealmeOS Launch Date

India’s fastest growing smartphone brand Realme is all set to break away from Oppo’s ColorOS ecosystem. After starting out as a sub-brand under Oppo, Realme quickly separated itself to work as an independent brand.

But, the ColorOS stayed with Realme phones and devices.

Finally, Realme is now all set to break away from Oppo and the ColorOS with its own UI, RealmeOS. The company has been working on its UI for sometime now, and fans have been waiting for it since they arrived in the limelight.


RealmeOS Launch Timeline: To Come In Early 2020?

While Oppo already released ColorOS 7, some Realme devices will be getting the update straight away starting with the just-launched Realme X2 Pro. But according to some reports, the RealmeOS is in its final leg, and it might arrive sooner than expected.

The company has repeatedly gave out hints on the developing UI and the features it will offer.

RealmeOS has been tipped to offer a more stock experience with limited bloatware and maximum usability. Many say it might be taking a lot of inspiration from OxygenOS by OnePlus, the most sought-after customised UI based on Android.

RealmOS & ColorOS: How Things May Change!

As Realme continues to operate independently as a separate brand and not under the ex-parent company, Realme still uses Oppo’s ecosystem to power its devices leveraging its resources. But repeatedly users have complained about the UI by Oppo.

ColorOS has been dubbed to be highly customised, and the heavy skin hampers the user experience.

Realme in response said that they are working on their own UI, and it should be ready by 2020. 

Finally, some reports claim that the final version of the RealmeOS is in the testing, and the company may unveil it in a few weeks. Realme X2 Pro is going to be the first Realme smartphone to run the latest UI by the company, RealmeOS.

RealmeOS Launch Date: To Support All Realme Smartphones?

Yes, all the Realme smartphones will get the latest RealmeOS support via OTA. From the first ever Realme device, Realme 1 to the current set of smartphones, every Realme device will be updated to the Realme ecosystem once launched.

RealmeOS will be rolled out in different phases, with the latest smartphones getting the early updates.

RealmeOS Features: To Run On Android 10, RealmeOS Android 10

Currently Realme will be releasing the latest ColorOS 7 for Realme smartphones. Realme has already released the roadmap for Realme smartphones which will receive the ColorOS 7. The latest UI by Oppo is based on Android 10.

Similarly the RealmeOS is also expected to run on the current Android version.

RealmeOS is expected to feature a more stock Android experience with much less bloatware. It will have dedicated gaming mode to offer smoother gaming performance, better RAM management and seamless user experience with additional user-friendly features.

ColorOS Launch Timeline For Realme Smartphones: All Realme Smartphones To Get ColorOS 7?

Realme X2 Pro will get the first beta update under ColorOS 7 with further devices joining the list. ColorOS 7 will be rolled out for Realme 3 Pro and Realme XT starting January. Realme X and Realme 5 Pro will receive the update in February.

Realme X2 Pro will get the finali update in March. Seven more Realme phones will receive the update in second half of 2020.

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