Oxygen OS From OnePlus Has Stunning New Features For Indians: Check out Top 8 Updates

OnePlus has come up with a new version of OxygenOs i.e OxygenOs 9.5 that has amazing new features.

The update is expected to be released in June 2019, but we have a list of the features that are expected and the interesting thing to take into consideration is that they have along with global features developed few features that cater to the needs of Indian OnePlus users only.


The Global Features

Fnatic Mode

To all the gamers out there, Oneplus has rolled out an exciting feature called Fnatic Mode that provides a distraction-free gaming experience.

This all-new feature blocks notifications, calls, sound and if you are an owner of two SIM Cards, the second SIM will have no access to a network. Along with that, there is also a “Display Enhancement” Toggle that helps in enhancing light and dark part of the gaming display.

It can be customised according to the needs of the user, If you don’t want to totally discard the notification, you can have them either have them show up as text only or as heads up notification.  

But for the feature to work, the gaming mode needs to be on!

Screen Recorder

OxygenOs 9.5 is finally releasing a native screen recorder that allows you to record video and audio, may it be internal or external sounds.

It comes with a lot of options that let you customise it according to your needs.

You can choose to record the display at QHD+ or even decrease it all the way down to 1175×540. The bit rate of the recording can be also chosen from 20Mbps to 1Mbps.

Zen Mode

Zen Mode is a feature of its own kind and would be launched for the first time ever. It promises to help reduce your device addiction.

Once you turn on this feature you won’t be able to use your phone for 20 minutes, and there is no way to turn off this feature till the time does not get over.

It mutes the notification and locks all the apps, but the good thing is you will still be able to run the camera as well will be able to receive calls and make emergency calls.

OnePlus will remind you to take a break if it senses that you have used the phone for 2 hours straight. How useful this feature is, only time will tell.

Screenshot Editor

OxygenOs 9.5 allows you to edit your screenshots which wasn’t possible before. You can blur or crop things and add emojis or text to the screenshot.

All India Exclusive Features

Work-Life Balance

This feature will only make its appearance in India because OnePlus says that Indian users at an average unlock their devices 150 times within a course of a single day.

It helps to limit the notifications that you receive by choosing either of the two modes- Work and Life, and then choose which app gets to send their notification in the particular mode.

The main objective of this feature is to simplify life by reducing distractions.

Spam calling and Text Filtering

We all have experienced n number of spam calls and texts on our phone in a single day and it gets quite frustrating after some time. To tackle this challenge, OnePlus has rolled a few features that will help Indian users solve this problem.

First is the SMS app which will sort the messages in proper categories. It also highlights important information such as an OTP or vital banking or any transportation information.

Another Feature is it Caller Identification feature, it will help flag spam calls and you won’t have to download any third party app for this purpose anymore.

Finally, it’s launching its Roaming services feature. If you are someone who travels a lot, this feature is something that will definitely make the travel a little hassle free.

You can now buy roaming packages of most countries, this SIM free service will allow you to pick data plans when travelling abroad.

Which of these features did you like the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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