Tata Motors Give Birth To India’s First Compact Truck: Price Starts At Rs 5.35 Lakh

Tata Motors is planning to launch a new truck, keeping up with its legacy of powerful and well-loved trucks. The name of the new truck range is to be Tata Intra, and with this, Tata has birthed a new segment in trucks: compact trucks.

There will be two variants of the Tata Intra:

  • V10, which is priced at Rs 5.35 lakh
  • V20, which will be for Rs 5.85 lakh

Apparently, Tata Motors has intentions of phasing out the higher versions of trucks such as Tata Ace Supra and Ace Mega.

Why is Tata phasing out these trucks? What will Tata Intra be like? Read on to know all the details!

Tata Introduces New Segment in Trucks

Tata Motors has introduced Intra in a new self-created segment, compact truck in small commercial vehicles group. This small commercial vehicles (SCV) is also a segment created by Tata Motors itself.

The small commercial vehicles (SCV) was kicked off with the launch of Tata Ace and now the same is being replaced by Tata Intra and a new segment is being created in its place.

The Technicals of Tata Intra  

The Tata Intra currently comes as per the emission norms of the BS-IV stage, but it will come with BS-VI emission norms starting April 1, 2020. The truck has a 2512 mm x 1602 mm load body length.

Moving on to the functioning of the engine, the Tata Intra V20 will have a 1400 cc DI engine under the hood, which will produce 52KW (70 HP). Whereas, the Tata Intra V10 will have an 800 CC DI engine and 30KW (40 HP).

The premium variant of the truck will have numerous features such as mobile charging point, electronic instrument cluster, big headlamps, large windscreen, lockable glove box, storage on dashboard and door trims, headrest, pre-fitted music system, and AC in the premium variant.

Additionally, buyers of the Tata Intra will be given a warranty of 2 years or 72000 kilometres.

Guenter Butschek, CEO and MD, Tata Motors, said, “The Tata INTRA is a testament of our unrelenting commitment to introduce products that embody engineering passion and bolster customer value proposition and it will be a game changer for us in the SCV segment as it offers several industry-first features, setting high standards in the market.”

He also said that Intra will not replace Tata Ace, instead, it should be considered ‘like a sister’ of the truck.

Tata Models Phasing Out?

Girish Wagh, president, commercial vehicles business unit, Tata Motors, said that production of the Ace Supra and Ace Mega will be stopped to ‘avoid cannibalism’, and to boost the growth of Tata Intra.

Comparing Intra with Tata Ace, he said, “Ace used to sell a minimum of 2,500 units a month and it is continued to do and we want to replicate the Ace success in Intra.”

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