Redmi Smartwatch In The Making: 5 Things You Must Know

After Xiaomi unveiled its first smartwatch, it’s now time for the first Redmi smartwatch. The company has confirmed that they are making a smartwatch under Redmi brand as well, and it’s going to be loaded with similar features at a more affordable price tag.

Redmi Smartwatch In The Making: 5 Things You Must Know

Redmi has officially announced that they are working on a smartwatch.

Xiaomi launched its first ever smartwatch alongside Mi Note 10, the Mi Watch. As other Xiaomi products, the Mi Watch design also resembles another hit smartwatch, the Apple Watch. With Redmi Smartwatch confirmed, here’s a few things you must know. 


Redmi Smartwatch Design: Same As Mi Watch?

To start with, the newly unveiled Mi Watch is heavily inspired by another popular smartwatch in the market, the Apple watch. Just as the Apple watch, the Mi Watch also sports a rectangular dial design. The same design is expected on Redmi smartwatch as well.

The display is square-shaped with a 3D sapphire glass coating on top to keep it safe from scratches.

Redmi watch will have a circular button on the right as Mi Watch to give in functionalities. operate the watch. The watch can be used to receive and reject calls, read and send messages, mails, play and pause music, real-time notifications and more. 

WearOS Platform: Redmi Watch To Have Its Own UI?

Currently the Mi Watch runs on a customised MIUI skin for smartwatches in China. The company has already confirmed the availability of Mi Watches outside China, and there the watches will run on Google’s customised wearable UI platform, the WearOS.

The Redmi smartwatch will also run on the same Google WearOS outside home market. In India, Redmi smartwatch will come with Google WearOS and added MIUI features.

Fitness Features On Redmi Watch: Same As Mi Watch?

Redmi Watch will come with smart fitness features just as Mi Watch. Just as any other top-end smartwatch available in the market, the Redmi Watch will also pack in the smart fitness features. This will include activities about health, movement, wellness and mostly about what you are doing in your daily life.

The Redmi Watch will also offer real-time results of all your workout activities and will track running, cycling, swimming and walking.

Redmi Smartwatch Top Features: Redmi Watch Specs, Functions

Just as the Mi Watch, Redmi Watch will come with the standard functionalities as receiving or rejecting calls, sending messages and emails, playing music and much more. Redmi Watch will steps, activities, workout, swimming, walking, running, heart rate and your sleeping. 

Mi Watch has an 1.78-inch AMOLED display with 326 PPI, backed by a 570mAh battery. It has GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC and supports eSIM. The same features are expected on Redmi Watch.

Redmi Watch India Launch: Will Mi Watch Come To India?

The company already has fitness bands available in India, the Mi Bands. All the Mi Bands, irrespective of all the generations have been very successful in the country. Xiaomi is also the number one wearable brand in the country, and hence Redmi Watch will come to India.

Mi products generally don’t come to India, thus Mi Watch India launch eventually may not happen.

But Redmi Watch will come to India, and the Redmi Watch India launch is expected next year.

Mi Watch is available at 1299 (around Rs 13,000). Redmi Watch India price may start at under 10000 with similar top features and functions. Redmi smartwatch is still in the making, and the China launch will happen in a few months. So, the Redmi smartwatch India launch will happen at a later period than that. 

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