Whatsapp’s ‘Frequently Forwarded’ Feature Comes To India; Now Use Same Whatsapp In Multiple Devices!

Whatsapp's 'Frequently Forwarded' Feature Comes To India
Whatsapp’s ‘Frequently Forwarded’ Feature Comes To India

After a long string of news and rumors, Whatsapp has finally introduced a new feature on its app: the Frequently Forwarded tag. Whatsapp has developed this feature in order to curb the spreading of rumors and false speculations. 

Another addition to the app is that now WhatsApp users will be able to open WhatsApp in multiple apps. This is definitely great news as many of us do use multiple devices and WhatsApp being available in multiple devices is going to prove to be a great relief!

How do the updates that have been newly introduced in the app work? Read on and find out all the details!

Whatsapp Introduces Frequently Forwarded Message Tag

There have been endless rumors about new features such as the dark mode, fingerprint unlock for chats, advertisements in the status segment, and what not! 

Another such rumor has been finally proved to not be a rumor which is the frequently forwarded tag on messages. Ironically, WhatsApp has introduced this update for the sake of putting an end to the rumors making rounds of the internet and spreading misinformation. 

Spreading rumors and fake news has led to a series of lynchings in the country and is a serious issue. The Government of India has also had some difficulties with the app when they directed the app to trace every message with a digital footprint. To which, WhatsApp responded by saying that they will quit the nation if the Government imposed rules on them.

But WhatsApp has been working on ways to help curb the spreading rumors, which is why this feature. 

Whatsapp is in the process of providing this feature to its iOS and Android users. The app will show you a notification with a double arrow in grey color each time you try forwarding a message that has been forwarded multiple times before.  The app will show a message each time you forward such a message. This message will be, “This message will be marked as forwarded many times.”

Whatsapp Can Be Opened On Multiple Devices

As per a tweet by the popular account WABetaInfo, which informs us about the upcoming updates of Whatsapp, has confirmed that Whatsapp can now also be operated on multiple devices. 

WABetaInfo has tweeted, “It includes WhatsApp for Windows (UWP, when available), so you can use WhatsApp on your PC if your phone has no connection. iPhone/Android and iPadOS included.”

We will keep you informed as more updates come in!

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