Rail Passengers Can Now Stream Free HD Movies, Web Series On Trains, Railway Stations

Rail Passengers Can Now Stream Free HD Movies and Content
Rail Passengers Can Now Stream Free HD Movies and Content

The Indian Railways is pulling out all stops to make sure that railway passengers have a delightful experience while traveling.

We reported yesterday about how the Indian Railways is investing Rs. 18000 crore in solar panels. Moreover, the national transporter has already started redeveloping numerous railway stations to give them a posh and attractive look.

Here is another impressive initiative by the Indian Railways to enhance the passengers’ travel experience: passengers’ rides will now be full of entertainment as they will now be able to stream high-quality movies and videos on trains now!

If this isn’t great news, we don’t know what is!

Indian Railways Chooses RailTel

With the intention of making rides of passengers a bit more relaxing and enjoyable, the Indian Railways has made it possible for passengers to stream high-quality movies and videos during their journeys, and that too free of cost.

For this, the Indian Railways has handed over this project to RailTel, which will take care of providing on-demand content to passengers, which will be of spectacular quality and free as well. 

RailTel is a MiniRatna or a public sector enterprise by the Government of India that looks after giving broadband and VPN services. 

As per a railway official, RailTel will be putting up a Request for Proposal (RFP) in the first few days of August. 

This task was given to RailTel initially, after which it was taken from them by the Railway Boards to give it to the zonal railways. However, when that did not work out, RailTel has again been chosen to shoulder the responsibility. 

RailTel To Provide High-Quality Video Streaming

The Indian Railways has had a poor experience when they decided to adorn Tejas Express with cool amenities and facilities for the public to enjoy, which is why they chose to provide passengers content on their personal devices. 

The railway official said that passengers will be able to stream video content of high quality and it will be available without the buffering. They can gain access to this content on their personal phones or any other devices. He also said that the content will be ‘periodically refreshed’. 

He also went on to say, “RailTel will provide preloaded multilingual content; movies, music videos, general entertainment including TV serials and devotional programmes, lifestyle-related etc in moving trains. In case of trains, to ensure buffer-free services, media servers will be placed.”

Apparently, this is another initiative taken by the Indian Railways in order to gain non-fare revenue. To increase the non-fare revenue of the Indian Railways, the organization has also allowed companies to put up ads on the engines of the train

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