Whatsapp May Ban Screenshots in Upcoming Updates: How Will It Affect Your Social Life?

Facebook-owned instant messaging app, Whatsapp has some major announcement that is understandably going to shake your social life. To the generation that has heavily relied on the habit of taking screenshots, whether to preserve a moment or to have a word of confirmation, Whatsapp is working on an update that could stop users from being able to take screenshots in private chats, the beta version of its Android platform.

A Magnified Look into the Feature

In order to comply with its norms of maintaining authentication and user privacy, this new feature comes as part of a plethora of security changes that the app has been working on and introducing. This feature is a part of the fingerprint recognition on WhatsApp for Android. According to this, if users turn on the Fingerprint Security, they will have to unlock the app and the chats using their fingerprint, which would then prohibit them from taking screenshots of the app.

The fingerprint authentication feature is still in the ‘alpha stage of development’, but will be available in future versions of WhatsApp for Android. There is also the option to have the app automatically lock after a minute but users can still reply to messages from notifications and answer calls even if the app is locked. It is still not visible, the point of preventing one from taking screenshots of messages when the fingerprint lock is still active.

The Possible Reaction

There are a lot of differences among the individuals today, in lines of social, political, racial, religious or any area you point your finger upon. One of the few things that represent unanimity amongst today’s millennial is Technology and the ease of changing our pace of lifestyle with the swiftness of technology. There has been a strong reliance on taking screenshots. It is understandable that after facing an innumerable list of security and transparency scams, Facebook is willing to offer as much user privacy as ever; taking screenshots does not indicate malicious intent.

In apps such as Netflix, one cannot take a screenshot of any of its video. A similar act is seen in Snapchat stories, where the person is notified if you’ve taken a screenshot. Unlike any of these apps, Whatsapp has climbed up to be the go-to platform for chatting or sending documents for leisure or formal discussions. In such a case, if an essential feature like taking screenshots is scrapped off, it might not be very preferable.

The preference for taking a shorter and easier path has become a form of lifestyle today. Screenshots have helped to reduce a series of steps that otherwise would have taken more time.

With such an update in the near future, will masses invite it with open arms? Share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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