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WhatsApp has been building some interesting new features into its messaging application for iOS and Android users, the most talked about ones being the secret font and file sharing options. There were leaks about WhatsApp adding voicemail feature to its app, and the company seems to have now rolled it out to iOS and Android users.

WhatsApp version 2.16.8 on iOS and 2.16.229 on Android brings this latest update to iPhone and iPad users, who can now leave a voice recording, or a voicemail, if the other person does not pick up the call or cancels it altogether. This feature had been on Android in the beta mode until now.

Now, when you call another person on WhatsApp from your smartphone, upon disconnection of the call, you will be prompted with a ‘Voice Message’ option. Hold down the voice message option to speak, lift it up once you’re done and it’ll automatically send it to the other person.

In case you do not want to send the voicemail, swipe to the left to delete it and send it to the bin. There is one shortfall with the voicemail right now, you cannot listen to the recording again before hitting the send button. Once a voicemail has gone, there is no way to delete it once it reaches the person on the other side, much like the texting feature.

This option is very similar to the simply sending voice messages on WhatsApp chat, except here you can make sure the other person knows you made the call and then left a message. The voicemails will be shown as a part of the conversation with the person you were trying to contact.

WhatsApp recently crossed the 100 Million calls a day figure and this update is an important addition to make WhatsApp calling as close to calling on a regular network. Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) technology is currently being used by the company, as it plans to introduce calling to landlines as well.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is trying to up its game to counter Telegram, Hike and Viber by adding features already available in its competitors. What the company should focus on are video calls, conference calls and WhatsApp for business(like we have Skype for Business) to keep its users engaged.

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