Whatsapp Ads Are Coming, And This Will Change Your Chats Forever: This Is How They Will Appear On Your ‘Status’

Whatsapp, the only messaging app with over one billion active users that allowed us to chat with our friends and family without any interruption of ads unlike Facebook, Instagram or Youtube to name a few.

However this scenario is soon going to change, with the Facebook owned company recently announcing that it is planning to launch ads on Whatsapp in order to monetize it.

After months of speculation, Facebook has finally confirmed it for the first time and has announced the in-app ads will be launched by 2020.

Advertisements to Appear in the Whatsapp Status Stories

This move was confirmed by the social media giant at an annual Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam, Netherland.

Facebook wants to users to communicate with their business Via Whatsapp, hence the ad feature is described as “Ads that Click to Whatsapp(FB)”. The second feature involving  Instagram, is described as “Ads that Click To Whatsapp(IG)”. The third plan involves bringing the in-app ads to the status section of the tools just like Instagram stories.

Users will be able to swipe up to visit the advertisement or any embedded link, just like Instagram stories.

Apart from these, Facebook also plans to introduce richer messaging format options and integration of Whatsapp product catalogue so that the users can see the products before buying.

Richer Messaging Formats

This means that now you can send image and text along with PDF and text simultaneously in just one message.

Unification of Whatsapp Product Catalogue with Facebook’s Business Manager Catalogue

In order to improve the user experience, Facebook is in the initial phase of testing a feature that will allow businesses to showcase their product catalogue directly in the chats.

This is especially beneficial for businesses that don’t have any website and can directly promote via Whatsapp.

It is becoming quite clear that Facebook is transforming Whatsapp to not just display ads but to communicate with businesses as well.

With the discardation of Direct Message service from Instagram,It segegrates Whatsapp as a messaging service while Instagram remains a platform for sharing photos/videos.

Introducing ads in Status stories where users privacy isn’t much violated is still better than introducing the ads in normal P2P conversation which might cause a lot more discomfort.The hurdle with Whatsapp launching ads is that its an end-to-end encrypted platform. Beyond the basic details such as user’s mobile number, name (which is optional), last number and mobile number of the other party with whom you are chatting, it doesn’t know much.

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