Whatsapp Alert: These 6 New Updates Will Change Your Whatsapp Habit Forever (Dark Mode, Stories & More)

Top Upcoming 6 Features Of Whatsapp
Top Upcoming 6 Features Of Whatsapp

Facebook-owned Whatsapp is planning to bring in some more updates in the app, and these features are all quite interesting and convenient at the same time. There are about five new features, and we are sure that this will definitely boost the app’s already sky-high popularity

Today we bring to you the five features that are bound to change the overall user experience of Whatsapp:


Dark Mode

Whatsapp’s dark mode feature is probably the most awaited feature on the new update. This feature will give Whatsapp a darker appearance, especially in the hours after the sun sets on us. This will also lessen the glare that comes from the phone and harms our eyes. Additionally, it contributes to saving the battery of the smartphone. This feature has already been spotted on the beta version of the popular social networking app. 

Quick Edit Media

Whatsapp is looking to introduce a quick edit media feature in the app, and it is under development as we speak. Similar to the dark mode, this feature has also been spotted in the beta version of the app. This feature will enable users to edit and make any desired changes to the media files that have been sent or received. As per WABetainfo, Whatsapp users will now be able to edit the media files in-chat, and then share them directly as well.  

More Forwarded Info

The app has taken multiple efforts to stop the spreading of rumors and misinformation, and there is more to come. Another feature that will be seen in the app soon is the ‘frequently forwarded’ feature. There was news previously that announced that a message if forwarded more than 5 times, will have the label ‘frequently forwarded’. Adding to that, Whatsapp will now notify users of the number of times that the message has been forwarded. 

QR Code

Whatsapp is working on a feature that includes QR codes, wherein, users can now add a new contact can be added using a QR code directly. Every user will have a unique QR code, which will be similar to the nametags on Instagram. Users will also be able to share the QR code with others.

Hide muted status

Whatsapp currently has a feature called ‘mute status updates’, wherein muted status updates don’t appear with the regular ones. However, they still appear at the end of the list, in a faded manner. Whatsapp is working on permanently deleting such muted status updates. This is quite similar to Facebook’s unfollow button. 

Share to Facebook Story

As per the WABetaInfo, Whatsapp is working on a feature wherein users will be able to share a story on Whatsapp directly to their Facebook accounts. While the possibility of the stories being added to Instagram remains a mystery, there is definite news about this update being incorporated for Facebook stories initially. 

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