Top 10 Android, iPhone Apps Of 2018 Which Set New Benchmarks In Popularity [Staff Picks]

2018 saw the incredible rise of TikTok and Whatsapp Business. Which other apps were smash hits?

top mobile apps of 2018
top mobile apps of 2018

The play store is another world in itself – apps more than probably the population of the world, play store can suffice for anyone’s needs. Numerous apps are available today, each with a different interface, a different appearance, and a different purpose.

So today we bring to you the top ten apps of Android and iPhone too:



It’s rare that you open Facebook and Instagram and there’s no Tiktok video on your news feed! This very popular app is used for making and sharing short videos and also for broadcasting live videos. Available for both iOS and Android, and a great source of entertainment, Tiktok is loved by young and old apart.

Whatsapp business

Calling Whatsapp a hit is pretty much an understatement. Whatsapp, after its success, has also launched Whatsapp Business. This Android and iOS app is personalized for businesses. It has features which make handling your business easy and convenient, one of which is ‘quick replies’ which helps answer frequently asked questions quicker.


Originally intended only for desktops and laptops, this app soon became a favorite for smartphones too. Previously it was called Read Me Later and then went on to be Pocket. Available on iOS and Android both, this app allows the user to save an article or webpage to ‘read it later’.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is for the gamer in you! Along with PUBG, this is an excellent game for a pastime. Sharp features, attractive graphics, and smooth play – this game is the ultimate package for gamers.  


For all the people who live in their own bubble and forget the world around them, this is the perfect app for you! This app helps you take notes and make memos and syncs them too, making it accessible from any part of the world. This app, available for both iOS and Android, is your perfect assistant and a great substitute for your a personal diary.


Scanbot is an app extremely convenient for both Android and iPhone users. This app scans anything under the whole wide world – documents, receipts, sketchbooks, whiteboards, barcodes, anything!


This app is for the serial Instagrammers – who love putting up pictures and selfies on social media. It includes many beautiful filters and editing options to apply to your favorite pictures before posting them online. But, this app is iPhone specific only.


Calm, as the name suggests, is an app for meditation or for calming one’s state of mind. We all experience sleeplessness and stress in our busy schedules. The Calm app comprises of various tunes and music tracks that help you de-stress and sleep peacefully.


LastPass is another app that remembers all the passwords to any of your accounts on your phone. It has many features like auto-fill that make online shopping, flight bookings, banking, and other such tasks easier.


Are you a person who likes to keep yourself updated with the ongoings of the world? Then your phone must have Flipboard. Flipboard shows you some select news that you would want to read. It’s basically a newspaper in your pocket!

What other apps do you think are great? Tell us in the comment section below!

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