Whatsapp Web Becomes More Secured For Billions Of Users With This New Security Feature (Check Full Details)

Keeping in mind the popularity of the multi-device feature of Whatsapp, the company has now introduced a new extension. 

Whatsapp Web Becomes More Secured For Billions Of Users With This New Security Feature (Check Full Details)

This new extension will add an extra layer of security to the app’s web version and protect users against cyber crimes. 

The extension is called Code Verify – read on to find out all the details about it!

Whatsapp Introduces New Extension “Code Verify” For Extra Security

According to WhatsApp, the web app is inherently less resistant to attacks. In other words, Code Verify offers the same level of security as native Windows, iOS, or Android software. The main intent of this extension is to verify that WhatsApp’s web client is sufficiently secure and that end-to-end encryption is intact.

Additionally, WABetaInfo has shared that Code Verify is a brand-new, crucial web browser extension that gives WhatsApp users an additional degree of protection. The Code Verify instantly determines if the code of the WhatsApp Web version you’re using has been modified by a malicious actor or if it is a genuine and unaltered version when it is installed.

WABetaInfo said, “When Code Verify successfully verifies that you’re using an authentic version of WhatsApp Web, it means your version has not been modified by hackers, overreaching governments, or other malicious people and scripts. It is the best way to verify the integrity of your version of WhatsApp Web.”

The plugin also doesn’t log user messages or metadata, and it doesn’t exchange any data with WhatsApp or Meta, It said that because it was open-sourced, anyone could check what it did.

How Does Code Verify Work?

As confirmed by Meta, subresource integrity is a security feature that enables web browsers to confirm that the resources they fetch haven’t been altered. Verify builds on this idea. Only individual files are covered by subresource integrity, but Code Verify examines all of the webpage’s resources.

Code Verify collaborates with Cloudflare to serve as a trusted third party in order to carry out this task at scale and to increase trust in the procedure. 

For the JavaScript code of WhatsApp Web, a cryptographic hash source of truth has been provided to Cloudflare. When someone uses Code Verify, the extension automatically contrasts the version of the code that runs on WhatsApp Web with the version of the code that WhatsApp has verified and made available on Cloudflare. Code Verify will alert the user of any inconsistencies.

It is not novel to compare hashes to find files that have been altered, but Code Verify does this automatically, with the use of Cloudflare’s third-party verification, and for the first time at this scale. Real-time code verification is made possible by a collaboration between Cloudflare, the Code Verify extension, and WhatsApp’s security safeguards. The cryptographic hash source of truth and extension will automatically update each time the code for WhatsApp Web is updated, it was added.

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