Govt. Integrates Whatsapp/Facebook With Voters List; Uploading Selfie After Voting Mandatory

This is for the first time that such a massive integration of databases will be done

Voters List integrated with Facebook, Whatsapp
Voters List integrated with Facebook, Whatsapp

In a surprising move, Govt. has ordered that the entire database of Facebook and Whatsapp users in India will be officially integrated with the voters’ database of India.

Considering that Lok Sabha Election 2019, World’s largest festival of democracy is about to kickstart this month, this is seen as a ‘masterstroke’.

Besides, Govt. has also made it compulsory that every Facebook and Whatsapp user who is eligible to vote, and has their name included in the voters’ database, will have to upload their selfie after voting.

What does this mean? How will this work out?

Facebook/Whatsapp Database To Be Integrated With Voters Database

More than 300 million or 30 crore people are using Facebook in India, making it their biggest market outside US. Almost the same number of users are also on Whatsapp.

Whereas 900 million or 90 crore Indians have their names included in the official voter’s database of India, created by the Election Commission.

Now, all these three databases will be integrated into one, thereby creating a common database of Indians who will vote (or rather should vote), and are also on Facebook and Whatsapp.

This will be the first time that such a massive exercise has been announced, anywhere in the world. As per reports coming in, Govt. will constitute a special task force comprising of IAS officers, techies, bloggers and database experts to execute this huge integration.

Mark Zuckerberg, who is the owner of both Facebook and Whatsapp had a late-night meeting with election officials and confirmed that the integration is indeed on.

But, what was the need for this?

Why Voters Are Being Integrated With Voters’ Database?

As per some insider details coming in, Govt. wants more and more Indians to vote. And this seems the best possible way to enure that maximum votes are put across.

An unnamed Govt. official said, “We have acknowledged the power of social media, and the time is right to make it work for us.”

Selfie Upload Mandatory After Voting: How Will It Work?

Besides, Govt. has also made it mandatory for every Facebook and Whatsapp user to upload their selfie after voting. The selfie should contain the black ink mark which is put on the finger, to denote that he or she has indeed voted.

Explaining the logic of this, that unnamed Govt. official stated, “Facebook and Whatsapp users are anyways uploading tons of images on their respective accounts. Then why not on voting day?”

As per reports coming in, since the voter’s database and Facebook, Whatsapp database will be integrated by the time election starts on April 11th, it will be very easy to check who has uploaded their pic after voting, and who has not.

There can be a penalty for those who fail to upload their pic after voting, as it will denote that they haven’t voted. Another set of unconfirmed reports state that the pics with the most number of likes and comments and shares can be awarded as well.

Our Opinion: This is indeed a masterstroke, and will definitely encourage more voting and more participation in the General Elections. A single vote can change the destiny of India, and we hope and wish that everyone, every eligible voter comes out, and votes, and upload their pics on Facebook and Whatsapp.


Happy April’s Fool Day!

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