Xiaomi Beats Samsung In Top 5 Ranking In India; Are Indians Biased Towards Quality Of Smartphones Rather Than Price?

Xiaomi beats Samsung in the top 5 list
Xiaomi beats Samsung in the top 5 list

Gone has the time when individuals bought smartphone as a symbol of societal elevation. It has been found out that the Indian millennial today would rather prefer a low budget phone with great specs and qualities, over a smartphone which is expensive and lacks essential specifications.

This means that Indian smartphone buyers do not care about status symbols in something as trivial as smartphones. They’ve started to prefer quality of status. This being said, this is a study, originally set forth by the by RedQuanta, on how quality was the first preference looked for in a smartphone, by Indians across 16 major cities of the country.

With this, the Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi tops the list of the top 5 brands that make quality smartphones loved by Indian smartphone buyers.

Xiaomi Tops the Value for Money and Quality

According to Mr. Chetan Shetye, Head of Research at RedQuanta, the Indian smartphone consumers have moved past the stereotype of pricings and landed on purchasing smartphones which provide them with the best value for their money, in terms of quality.

Xiaomi is found to stand as the number 1 smartphone brand providing the desired qualities to buyers, among the top five smartphone brands in India. Thanks to the evolution of tech-guides available over social-video platforms and tech bloggers, who’ve gained extreme traction over the internet and social media, people can now compare different smartphones on the basis of the qualities and specs they weigh to be more useful.

Xiaomi, in just 5 years into the Indian market, has made many satisfied with not just parameters of Value for Money but also exemplar quality. Quality has always been the driver of setting a person’s perception towards a brand. Xiaomi has managed to carve a positive image amongst millions of its Indian buyers.

Durability & Battery Life primarily drives performance as per the consumers. Price perception has now just become an idea.

China’s Big 4: Xiaomi, Oppo Vivo and Realme

Xiaomi now ranks above Samsung in not just the quality of their smartphones but also a whole variety of ideas: PerformanceBuild & DesignCameraValue-For-Money and After Sales Support. It has pushed its arch rival, the South Korean based Samsung, to the 2nd rank in terms of satisfication and all of those above mentioned parameters.

Not just this, out of the top 5 smartphone companies that have carved their positions above in the most preferred smartphone brands providing value for money, 4 of them are Chinese phone makers. They are, in the order of ranks:

  • Xiaomi
  • Samsung
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Realme

This also means that the general idea of Chinese products being ‘plastic’ and not durable for a long period, is somehow breaking among the Indian mindsets and these statistics better speak for them. Although not all Chinese phones could create a similar impact, these 4 do.

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