2.3 Crore Passengers Used Free WiFi From Indian Railways; 4,791 New Railway Stations Will Soon Get Free WiFi!

The government has been taking various steps to attain their goal of creating a digital India. Providing Free Wifi in public places in one of the initiatives taken by the government.

In order to do so, Internet technology Giant Google Inc  partnered up with the Railway Telecommunication Company, Railtel to provide Free WiFi services at the Railway stations(except halt stations).

So while you wait for the train now you can check your important emails, chat with friends and can do a lot more to pass the time using the free railway WiFi.

What is RailWire WiFi and How Does It Work?

The RailWire Brand is the retail broadband initiative of RailTel which provides free internet services to the passengers. The quest to provide free high-speed WiFi began from Mumbai Central station in January 2016.

According to Google, 1.5 million users can connect at a time with the Railway WiFi which has access to 45,000 km range across the country.

Over 2.35 crore Users Used WiFi

According to RailTel, In May more than 2.35 crore users logged into the free railway high-speed Wifi at 1,606 railway stations and this facility of free internet would be extended to the remaining 4,791 stations within this year.

It has also revealed that the stations in tier 1 cities like Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai registered far greater numbers of user logins and data consumption than their tier 2 equivalents.

The Howrah station, located in West Bengal solely witnessed a total of 4.9 lakh user logins in a month.

Average User Consumes About 343 MB In an Half- an- Hour Data Session

In an average half- an -hour data session with unconstrained, free high-speed Wifi Connectivity, an average user consumes 343 MB which is much higher than an average 3G connection in India which currently utilizes approximately 30 MB per user per day.

According to the RailTel, CMD Puneet Chawla, The internet service in India is mostly Mobile Internet with a high percentage of 2G and 3G users. By initiating this move Railtel plans to bridge the digital divide by providing fast and free WiFi facilities so that millions of users experience fast access to the internet for the first time.

Here Is A Step-By-Step Procedure To Access Google RailWire Free WiFi At Railways Station:

  1. Open the WiFi settings on your phone
  2. Select the RailWire network.
  3. Open the railwire.co.in webpage on your mobile browser.
  4. Enter your 10 digit mobile number
  5. An OTP will be sent to your phone. Use this OTP as your password to connect to Railwire
  6. You have now successfully connected with the RailWire Internet and can now start using the internet for free.

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