US Govt Is Not Fair In H1B Visa Allocations: Google, Amazon, Apple Getting More H1B Visas Than Infosys, TCS, Wipro

US Govt. is not fair in H1B Visa allocations
US Govt. is not fair in H1B Visa allocations

Indian IT companies are in serious trouble. Not only has the Trump government hiked the rejection rates of Indian H1B visa applications but now we’ve come to know that this visa rejection rate is not uniform for all the companies looking forward to hire Indian talent.

The Trump govt has not been the most partial when it comes to targeting certain companies in its ‘Buy American, Hire American’ policy. While the work visa rejection rate is elevating for Indian IT companies situated in the US, 70% Indian nationals are continuing to get visa almost normally for US based companies like Amazon and Google.

Partiality towards US Based Companies

It is well known beforehand that Trump has been fidgeting with the immigration norms since some time now, vastly cutting down the H1B visa applications for foreigners to enter US for work so that more Americans can fill up this position, which would otherwise be accommodated by immigrants.

The shocking news that comes here however is the mismatch in the number of H1B visa rejections for Indian based IT companies in the US, over American based ones. Data from USCIS show that the rate at which H1B visas are rejected is much higher for Indian IT firms than firms based out of the US. Mohandas Pai, the CFO of Infosys has provided information that certain companies are being targeted more than the others.

The H1B visas for IT firms like Capgemini, Cognizant, Infosys and Deloitte is fashionably being mitigated while firms like Amazon, Google or Apple face no such difficulties in hiring Indian talent for the growth of their companies.

Some Numbers Showcasing the Sky Rocketing of H1B Visa Denials:

Speaking of the data we’ve provided to you about the vast disparity in visa rejections for Indian based IT companies and US origin ones,

  • Capgemini has witnessed 28% visa rejections
  • Infosys following the similar feat, with 18% rejections in H1B visa.
  • Deloitte showed variations from 17% to 15%, not a good number for them either.
  • Wipro on the other hand forecasted a 13% decline in work visas.
  • Following Wipro falls TCS, with a 12% decline in H1B visa application.
  • The same number is shared by Tech Mahindra as well.

These were some numbers related to rejections in Indian IT companies. We shall now illustrate the percentage of rejections in US based companies, which will be enough to clarify all your doubts:

  • Amazon showed a rejection rate of 2% in the H1B visa applications.
  • Google on the other hand, witnessed just 1% in such visa rejections.
  • The same 1% visa rejection was witnessed by Apple and Facebook too.

Due to the quality of work and the efficiency of skillset provided by Indians, it is almost impossible to not include them in such companies, resulting in Indians still scoring 70% of visas despite of all such fat rejections. This itself speaks volumes for whether Indians can yet be replaced by American talent.

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