Apple WWDC 2019 Highlights: iOS 13, New iPad OS, watchOS App Store, tvOS Multi-Support & More!

From new OS UIs for different platforms to app upgrades and wider support, the 2019 Apple WWDC kicked off to a big start. The company made some big announcements at the event, while the iOS 13 beta has been officially made available now with the much-awaited system wide Dark Mode support.

There’s the new iOS 13, watchOS 6, macOS 10.15 and other platforms in the list.

If you missed the event live, here’s a quick recap of the most important announcements made at the Apple WWDC 2019.

As a surprise, there’s even a hardware announcement as well. The company unveiled an upgraded and much-expensive Mac Pro. All the software updates announced are now immediately available via beta program, while everyone can get it for free starting in the third quarter.


Top Announcements From Apple WWDC 2019

The Cupertino based tech giant unveiled a ton of software updates ath the Worldwide Developers Conference this year.

Here’s all the important cuts from the event.

iOS 13

With a few minor tweaks and changes, the company is bringing small updates for many apps. The Dark mode is official now with some new additions like swipeable texting, lyric mode on Music app, personalization tools for Memoji,

Reminders, Maps with 360-degree view and ETA.

Photos app now supports photo sorting mode based on pictures taken on different days, months, and years. Each section has been divided.

New iPad OS

The iPad has its own platform now, another version of the iOS with more iPad-specific features and options. There’s split screen for different apps, same app, File view, column view, share folders and much more. The add-on functionalities will help it work more like a Mac.

The iPads now will support USB thumb drives directly between the two devices and added text editing gestures.

tvOS Now Supports Multi Users

The upgraded version of the Apple tvOS now supports more users on its platform. So more users can now use the Apple TV services on a single subscription, more like Netflix. The company is yet to announce more shows Apple TV will also support more third-party game accessories like the Xbox One and PS4 controllers.

The multiuser support will offer personalized recommendations based on viewing history.

App Store For watchOS

The watchOS 6 now has its own dedicated App Store. It will have apps specific to Apple Watch. New Health and Fitness updates as there including how fitness level are changing over the past months and year with menstrual cycle tracking for female health to get alerts on upcoming periods and when their fertile windows are.

New macOS To Be Called Catalina

There’s also a decibels checking system that will give you warnings if the time limit will damage your hearing.

The newer version of the macOS is to called Catalina as Apple has enhanced it into three separate apps for Music, Podcasts and TV. There’s TV support this time with the Podcast app to search for shows and episodes directly. You can also browse through content by genre and recommendations.

The new MacOS also support iPad as a second display called Sidecar via both wired and wireless connections.


The Cupertino tech giant announced a new platform for developers: SwiftUI. The Apple coding platform comes with new latest features as drag and drop content, no manual typing codes, support for international coding languages. Developers can use it to build Apple OS apps, be it for smartphones or Watch, TV and iPad.

The SwiftUI has very limited lines of codes overall, making it a go-to option for developers to work without much hassle.

New Mac Pro

Apple unveiled a new Mac Pro at the WWDC 2019 which supports Intel Xeon processor up with up to 28 cores and up to 1.5TB of memory. The upgraded device now comes with six slots for memory expansion and eight PCI slots. Further, there are three Thunderbolt ports, two USB-C and two USB-A ports.

In terms of graphics, the new Mac Pro has AMD Radeon Pro 580X or the Radeon Pro Vega II, which can be again be configured to adding up to two Veg IIs supporting up to three streams of 8K or 12 streams of 4K.

It sports a 32-inch LCD Retina 6K display offering a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio for up to 120 million pixels of display.

Voice Control & Dictations

The new iOS and macOS will have voice control feature that will let you control your system directly via voice commands. This includes almost all options like booking a cab to playing music to editing text. Most importantly, the dictations will be processed locally on the device.

The company will make sure private data remains private, and no data or information will be sent to the cloud.

The iOS 13 beta is already available. The public version will be available in July, while the final version will arrive in Q3.

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