Rs 85K Cr Worth Infosys Is Deducting Rs 500 As Parking Fee From Employees Salary – Is This Even Legal?

India’s 2nd biggest IT company: Infosys is right now worth Rs 85,000 crore ($12.2 billion), and in the current fiscal year, they have already earned Rs 14,000 crore as profit.

But these amazing facts and revenue numbers aren’t deterring Infosys from charging parking fees from their own employees, for parking their vehicles in the office premises.

Anger is slowly building up, as Infosys is forcing their employees to pay this unnecessary parking fees.

Is this even legal?


Infosys To Employees: Pay Rs 500 As Parking Fees

Sources have informed The Hindu newspaper, that Infosys is deducting Rs 500 per month from their employees’ salary, as parking fees for 4-wheelers.

Rs 250 is being deducted from employees’ salary for 2-wheeler parking. This has been reported from Infosys’ Hyderabad campus.

As per information received, these parking fees are directly deduced from the employees’ salary, and the funds are being used in some ‘Welfare Fund’.

Why This Parking Fee Is Not Legal

The issue has been brought up by activist Vijay Gopal from The Forum Against Corruption. This organization has liaised with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Labour Department of the Telangana government for resolving employees and workers’ issues.

As per Vijay, this parking fee charged by Infosys is not legal, and completely unnecessary. He said, “As it is, the company is given a lot of concessions by being in a Special Economic Zone. There are other perks as well. I was shocked when I found out about this. I hope that the SEZ authorities take note of this activity,”

Besides, the said campus of Infosys is governed by the Shops and Establishments Act, wherein charging parking fees by private companies is not allowed.

And finally, there is GO 63, which specifies how and when parking fees should be collected.

Why This Parking Is Ethically Wrong

Employees will come to work from far-off locations, and there has to be a parking space dedicated for them. There is no logic in charging parking fees for that.

One employee from Infosys said to The Hindu that he drives 20 km daily to come to the office, and he will have to park the car somewhere.

As per this unnamed employees, the parking fees of Rs 500 has been deducting since long, and even after repeated requests to stop, there has been no headway.

Infosys: The Complaints Are ‘Frivolous’

The Hindu has possession of a letter by Infosys, wherein they have defended their decision to charge Rs 500 from employees as parking fees.

Regarding GO 63, Infosys’ statement says that it’s not applicable to them, as they don’t use the ‘parking facility as a commercial activity’.

The letter also states that the ‘charges’ were ‘motivated’ and ‘frivolous’.

What do you think of this parking fees by Infosys? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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