Europe & Asia Don’t Want To Sell Huawei Phones, India Will Continue Using Huawei Made 5G Equipments

While questions of the existence of Huawei in global markets are a hot topic around all corners now, different markets have already started to sell Huawei devices. Multiple Asian sellers are moving away from Huawei phones to stay in a safe zone.

EE, Vodafone have suspended the launch of new Huawei phones in UK.

Amid all the tension rising, India is said to be continuing with the Huawei equipments for telecommunication engineering, the reason why the US government blacklisted Huawei.

The Trump government has said that the use of Chinese equipments in telecommunications purposes may pose a huge threat to the national security, given the sour China-US relations and Huawei being a close associate to the Chinese government.

India May Allow Huawei Equipments For 5G Field Trials: National Security?

The primary reason the US government banned Huawei is their close association to the Chinese government and the equipments to be used for telecommunications purposes may pose a huge threat to the national security.

The government suspects that the Huawei-made equipments may come rigged from China.

While in India, TRAI may still allow Huawei equipments for the upcoming 5G infrastructure.

Currently, Vodafone Idea and Airtel use Huawei’s 4G equipments in multiple circles across the country. The other companies who has telecom equipments in use in India are Ericsson, Nokia and China’s ZTE (another company which was earlier banned by the US government).

Reliance Jio, on the other hand, uses 4G telecom equipment from South Korean technology giant, Samsung.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) haven’t finalized yet, but most probably it will allow its Chinese vendors Huawei and ZTE to supply 5G based equipments in India and participate in the upcoming 5G field trials.

The Big Question: Should India Manufacture Its Own Telecom Equipment?

While the use of foreign technology for telecommunications and information purposes could be a potential threat to the national security, not every country manufactures such equipments. Technology is easy to be rigged, especially when some other manufacturer from another country has hold over it.

India being a crucial player in the global economy, the government should focus on manufacturing such important equipments in the country.

The telecom regulator TRAI recently a Rs 1,000-crore fund to boost up the local production of telecom gear.

The move seems very appropriate as it aims to bring in the net imports to almost zero by 2022. According to the available government data, the telecom equipment imports currently stands at $21.84 billion in 2017-18 up from $14.69 billion in 2014-15.

EE, Vodafone Suspends Huawei 5G Phone Launch In UK, Multiple Asian Countries Refuse Trade-Ins

Two of Britain’s largest multinational phone companies, EE and Vodafone recently suspended the launch of Huawei 5G smartphones in the UK. The launch has been put on hold now, and the rest depends on how things turn out for Huawei in the upcoming days.

Multiple smartphone retailers in several Asian countries have started to refuse Huawei devices for trade-ins.

After Google announced that it will cut ties with Huawei and withdraw support for its services, the global sale of Huawei and Honor smartphones literally came to a halt.

Huawei depends on Google to offer mobile software in all global markets. With Google suspending its business with the firm, it has already started to impact its business around the globe.

Mobile phone retailers in some Asian countries are refusing to accept Huawei devices for trade-ins, as more consumers look to offload their device on worries Google suspending business with the Chinese firm will disrupt services.

The company has already claimed that it’s working on its software which will still be missing out on Android services including access to Google apps.

It’s nearly impossible to build an iOS or Android overnight, so things may take time for Huawei to be right, or they should just keep selling phones in China, where most of the Google services are banned.

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