Huawei Will Ditch Android Forever; Use Harmony OS On Every Smartphone From 2021

Huawei Will Ditch Android Forever; Use Harmony OS On Every Smartphone From 2021
Huawei Will Ditch Android Forever; Use Harmony OS On Every Smartphone From 2021

World’s 2nd biggest smartphone maker: Huawei has just taken the biggest gamble of their lifetime.

Starting 2021, Huawei will ditch Google’s most popular mobile operating system Android, and use their own Harmony OS for all smartphones.

How will this work out? And more importantly, will this work out?

Huawei Will Ditch Android For Ever

As Huawei kickstarter their 3-days Developer’s conference in Shenzhen, China, they have made a big announcement of ditching Android OS forever.

After US Govt forcefully stopped Google from providing software, hardware and technical services to Huawei, they had no other option it seems.

Technically, this move by US Govt against Huawei covers only the apps which run on Android, and Huawei can still use Android OS, which is an open source platform.

But if no app is able to run on this Android, there will be no use of deploying Android for Huawei smartphone users.

And this is the reason Huawei has decided to use only Harmony OS on all smartphones sold from 2021.

Harmony OS has been developed by Huawei engineers.

Interestingly, Huawei will also offer Harmony OS to other smartphone makers, as an alternative to Android and iOS operating systems.

The decision of using Harmony OS will be applicable for only those Huawei smartphones which are sold in 2021 and beyond. All existing Huawei smartphone with Android will continue to run all Google Playstore apps.

Will Huawei’s Gamble Work?

Very difficult to say, since Android is so widely used globally.

As of now, Android has a market share of 85%, which is almost like owning the market.

Rest of the market share is with Apple’s iOS.

In between, various brands of smartphone and tech pr tried to give Android a fight, but they all failed misrably.

For example, Samsung’s OS called Tizen, Amazon’s own Fire OS, Canonical’s Ubuntu OS

 and more.

Even Microsoft tried with Windows Phone OS for mobile, but they failed, and had to shut down.

Although Huawei’s Harmony OS will be accepted in China smoothly, it’s hard to imagine how they will convince smartphone makers and sellers from other countries to use Harmony. Even convincing new buyers of Huawei smartphones in Europe, India and US will be tough.

But Huawei must be having a masterplan to make their own OS popular.

Afterall, it’s the question of survival now.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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