Huawei Is Back To Business: US Lifts Ban, Google Will Resume Android Services For Huawei, Honor Smartphones

Things have taken a turn in a completely opposite direction, as the Trump-led US Government has withdrawn its ban on the leading smartphone manufacturer Huawei. Following this, Google has also been permitted to continue providing its services to the company.

There has been a fierce war between the US companies and Huawei, ever since the Trump-led government has declared a complete ban on the smartphone manufacturer, which is now on its way out. 

What has the US Government planned? Will Google reinstate its services to Huawei again? Read on to find out!

US Government Finally Ends the Battle: Lifts Ban on Huawei

Donald Trump, the President of the US declared to the media that the ban on Huawei will be lifted, on the occasion of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, ending the war between Huawei and the US companies. Even Google has been given the thumbs up to resume its services to the Chinese company. 

The president specified that Google will resume its services to Huawei only if the sales did not include the equipment by the company that will threaten the national security of US. 

Trump said, “US companies can sell their equipment to Huawei. We’re talking about equipment where there’s no great national security problem with it.” Details have still not arrived, but there is a possibility that the 5G infrastructure equipment might still not be a part of the resumed deal.

Google to Resume Android Services for Huawei

After the US declared a ban on Huawei, Google, Android, and even Microsoft also followed suit and suspended their services to the smartphones by Huawei. 

Hence, due to the Trump ban on Huawei, Google’s services including the popular ones such as Google Play Store, Google apps, Gmail, YouTube would have been made unavailable to the new users of Huawei and Honor as well. And existing users wouldn’t had received new updates from Android.

Huawei, not one to come quietly, responded to the ban by coming up with its own OS, the HongMeng OS, which is reportedly 60% faster than Android. 

However, this is no longer needed, as all the services of Google’s Android will soon be resumed for the smartphones of Huawei and Honor.

Huawei’s Response to the Ban By the US

Huawei has been under severe scrutiny for several different reasons, one of which as huge as bribing foreign officials, which resulted in a ban. The US government declared that Huawei was to be blacklisted, and Google would no longer be providing its services to the smartphone company. 

Soon after declaring the ban, the US Government announced the delay of the ban by 90 days, which would give Huawei a window of opportunity to come up with an alternative.

It is impossible to determine if Huawei was at a loss owing to the decision of Google, or was it Google who would have suffered from the loss of a major client. But thankfully, the ban has been lifted, and all is good between both the entities.

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