Google Suspends Services For Huawei: 5 Things You Need To Know About Future Of Honor & Huawei Devices

After the recent tug of war, finally the US government has blacklisted Huawei in the States. The Chinese technology major has been under the scanner for several alleged reasons, including incidents involving to bribe up foreign officials.

The current circumstance bans Huawei to involve in any business with any US counterparts.

Among all, Google remains it’s primary partner.

The company has been associated with Google for its software services. The Huawei smartphones run on EMUI platform based on Google OS Android. The blacklist will directly affect Huawei and its future smartphones, including it’s sub-brand Honor.

The suspension of services by Google brings up some serious for Huawei. Here are five things you need know about the latest developments.


Huawei Will Lose Access To Google’s Android Immediately

Being blacklisted, Huawei smartphones outside China will lose access to Google services. The action will be imminent, and all the future Huawei smartphones including Honor devices will also lose access to Google services. Apart from Android, the company will lose out on services like Google Play Store, Google apps, Gmail, YouTube and more.

Google will be cancelling all services which requires transfer of hardware, software or any technical services with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

After Effect: Has Google Responded?

Alphabet Inc, the Google parent company responded immediately after the announcement was made. A spokesperson of the software company said that the company is “complying with the order and reviewing the implications.” Google is yet to provide any details, hence the actual status of the future operations are awaited.

The US administration added Huawei Technologies Co Ltd to a trade blacklist, forcing Google to withdraw it’s services.

Why Huawei Blacklisted: What Went Wrong?

Huawei has been under the scanner for a long time now due to its alleged illicit activities. The U.S. Commerce Department’s move aims to “prevent the interruption of existing network operations and equipment.” The declaration was being thought to be impacting its hardware and telecommunication business.

But on Sunday it was confirmed that Huawei will also be losing access to Google’s Android.

This will affect the company’s complete mobile software platform, forcing it to withdraw Google services from all its future devices.

The trade blacklist restricts all US companies to do business with Huawei. Even if any US company wishes to continue with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, it will be extremely difficult for the company continue operations overseas.

So, Huawei Can Never Use Android Again?

Not until the U.S. Commerce Department lifts the ban. The company currently remains to be blacklisted by the US government. Though, the Chinese technology major will still have access to the public version of Android. But Huawei will not have any access to to proprietary apps, programs and services from Google.

For now, if Huawei chooses to continue with Android, it can only offer services which are publicly available via open source licensing.

Not only Google, the company will no more be able to use Qualcomm chips as well. But they already have a huge hardware producing division making chips, HiSilicon. But the company has no such software division or platform, like iOS or Windows.

Huawei’s Action Plan: What Happens Next?

Huawei is said to be already prepared for this for long. As most of the US companies are banned in China, a ban on one of the Chinese companies in US won’t surprise many. The company is said to be well aware of the situation, and hence has already have a contingency plan ready.

The company may have some software ready based on Android’s open-source software.

But still, the company will lose access to important Android services like Google Play Store and other Google apps like YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps.

This may work fine in China, as most Google services are banned in the country, but the move with a new software without any these services will impact its global business badly.

Coming to Huawei’s Indian business, the future Huawei and Honor smartphones will also access to Google. Google services are very popular in the country, so it may affect its future business in India, depending on what happens next.

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