Hongmeng, Huawei’s OS Will Be 60% Faster Than Android; Xiaomi, Oppo Testing This New OS!

Hongmeng, Huawei's OS Will Be 60% Faster Than Android
Hongmeng, Huawei’s OS Will Be 60% Faster Than Android

Huawei has happily bounced back from the blow that it faced after the US suspended all its services to the phone company.

Yes, Huawei is planning to launch its very own OS for smartphones soon, and it is rumoured to be hugely better than Google’s Android system.

This new brainchild by one of the leading smartphone producers, Huawei will be called the Hongmeng OS.

Read on to find out all about Huawei’s brand new OS, the Hongmeng Os.

Huawei’s New OS – Hongmeng OS. How Will It Perform?

The US has recently declared a complete ban on Huawei, which means it suspended all Google’s services to the smartphone manufacturer.

Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram soon followed suit.

But, it seems to have backfired in their face. Chinese smartphone manufacturers and technology giants have united and intend to launch an even better system in the market.

There are reports which have indicated that Huawei’s OS, which is called the Hongmeng OS, is performing 60% better than the now old Google Android system. This is a claim by the head of Huawei’s smartphone business Richard Yu, however, it remains unsupported.

Stalwarts in the field of technology and mobiles, such as Tencent, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo are ‘actively working’ with Huawei on the development of this new OS. all these Chinese behemoths are giving it their all, and we wonder if Google’s Android will have a competition so tough that it will regret suspending its services in the first place?

As per reports, “Huawei is reportedly intensively testing its proprietary operating system (OS) HongMeng with internet giants and domestic smartphone vendors, and the new system will be launched in the next few months.”

Honor’s Perspective

Honor is the sub-brand of Huawei and has finally spoken about the whole issue affecting them. The company has clarified all the confusion and chaos that has been going on about the ban impacting them.

The company has stated that:

  • Existing users of the smartphones and tablets by Honor will still be provided with security updates and after-sales services. This includes the sold units and the ones that are in stock globally.
  • All the units that have been sold and are in stock globally will be able to use Google’s services such as Google Play and Gmail, etc.
  • The already sold and in stock products will not be affected by the new developments by Google in any way.

Will this new OS by Huawei take on Google’s Android system to divide the global market of smartphones into two, and make the US regret its decision?

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