Smartphone Sales Drop By 50% Due To Coronavirus; Samsung Beats Xiaomi In Overall Sales

Smartphone Sales Drop By 50% Due To Coronavirus; Samsung Beats Xiaomi In Overall Mobile Sales
Smartphone Sales Drop By 50% Due To Coronavirus; Samsung Beats Xiaomi In Overall Mobile Sales

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has generated a detailed informative report about the much awaited smartphone sales in the country, especially after the 2nd quarter officially came to an end on June 30.

As you can imagine, the nationwide lockdown, due to the coronavirus pandemic, has shown a very sharp affect on the numbers recorded for the ‘smartphone sales’ sector.

The decline registered was 50.6% year-over-year, dropping down to 182 lakh units. However, despite the lagging performance of the smartphone sector, the research body IDC, stands confident on the numbers boosting up in the coming half of the year.

We will illustrate brief yet impeccable pointers on everything important in the released report.

Xiaomi Continues to Secure the #1 Position In Smartphone

Speaking of reports presented for the 2nd quarter in the Indian smartphone market,

  • Xiaomi ranks 1, with 29.4% market share,
  • Samsung ranks 2, with 26.3% market share,
  • Followed by Vivo, with market share of 17.5%,
  • Realme at 4th position, securing 9.8% market share, and
  • Oppo at 5th position, with a market share of 9.7%.

However, in terms of overall mobile sales, Samsung occupied #1 position with 24% share, followed by Xiaomi and Vivo.

Market Positions and Numbers

If we speak of shipment volumes conducted by the 3 market leaders, in the 2nd order, we’ll have:

  • Xiaomi: 54 lakh units shipped,
  • Samsung: 48 lakh units shipped,
  • Vivo: 32 lakh units shipped.

While the entire 5 highest smartphone sellers displayed significant YoY decline in their sales for the 2nd quarter, Oppo registered the highest decline of 51%.

This was attributed to the shutdown of one of the company’s factories in Noida, in May.

Speaking of premium mobile phones, Apple continued to maintain its 1st position in the market,  with a share of 48.8%. The 2nd and 3rd position in the area went to Samsung and OnePlus, respectively.

What Does the IDC Think of the Smartphone Market State in Future?

Even though the market conditions and results have been painted in red, for the Indian smartphone market currently, the IDC expects the latter to recover in the upcoming 6 months.

It believes that the upcoming festival season could possibly bring consumer demand into the picture.

In fact, if we compare the online and offline sales of smartphones, it can be seen that online sales increased its market share to 44.8%, as compared to 43.1% in the previous quarter, while offline platforms took charge of over 55% shares in the 2nd quarter.

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