Facebook Breaks Friendship With Huawei; Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Banned From Huawei Phones!

Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram Boycott Huawei

Huawei seems to be a magnet for trouble recently as many big names and brands are boycotting the company’s smartphones. The company has been indulging in alleged illicit activities leading to Google suspending its services for the smartphones by Huawei.

Mimicking Google’s actions are three extremely popular apps, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram, which now makes us question if there is any sense in buying Huawei’s devices any more.

Why have these apps decided to stop offering its services to Huawei? How will this affect Huawei now? Read on for all the details!

Google Suspends Services For Huawei; FB, Whatsapp, Insta Follow Suit

It hasn’t been long since Google suspended its services for Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, soon after which, SD Association also closed its doors to the company. But Huawei responded positively to this and confirmed that they will be coming up with an OS of their own.

But whether or not Huawei will bounce back from this stroke of bad luck is now a question worth million dollars.

Apparently, smartphone companies make deals with such popular apps for them to be pre-installed on their devices.

Facebook has decided not to allow the pre-installation of its app on Huawei smartphones. This will be applicable to any phone that has ‘not yet left the factory.’ As per a report, Whatsapp and Instagram will not be pre-installed on Huawei devices as well.

Facebook has denied announcing the date of the suspension of its services. However, the current owners of Huawei smartphones will be able to access their services.

Other apps such as Twitter and Booking.com also come pre-installed on Huawei devices, but there is no news if these apps, too, have given up on the company.

How Will This Affect Huawei?

The report says that this will ‘dampen’ the sales of the smartphone devices that Huawei is planning to launch in its future. This seems inevitable, and if consumers aren’t able to access such popular social network, buying a device seems futile.

Huawei has generated the most business from its smartphone sale as of last year, and this blow will make a dent in the success of the smartphone manufacturer.

Also, Huawei has declined to comment on the sordid affair.

Besides calling, the top requirements from a smartphone are Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. Will you buy a Huawei smartphone if none of these apps is present on the phone? Share your opinions with us in the comments sections right below!

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