Snapdragon 690 5G Launched: 120Hz, 4K HDR For Budget Phones [Upcoming Smartphones, Top Features]

Snapdragon 690 will offer 5G connectivity on a budget with support for 120Hz refresh rate. Qualcomm has unveiled a brand new budget 5G chip for affordable smartphones, Snapdragon 690 mobile processor. Phones running on Snapdragon 690 are expected to hit the market in a few weeks starting with Nokia.

Snapdragon 690 Launched: 120Hz, 5G For Budget Phones [Upcoming Smartphones, Top Features]

Also, the Snapdragon 690 will support 120Hz refresh rate, a first for budget phones.

Snapdragon 690 will be able to offer 5G on budget smartphones as the chipmaker aims to make 5G accessible at multiple price points. Snapdragon 690 phones with 5G are said to be available starting second half of 2020.

HMD Global (Nokia), LG, Motorola, Sharp and TCL have confirmed smartphones to be powered by Snapdragon 690.

Snapdragon 690 5G: What You Get?

Specifically designed for budget smartphones, Snapdragon 690 5G will let manufacturers offer affordable phones with the latest 5G connectivity. The Snapdragon 690 5G includes Kryo 560 CPU. It will let the upgraded chip deliver upto 20 percent improved performance compared to its predecessor. 

Snapdragon 690 packs in fifth-generation AI-engine which improves camera and gaming performance.

The Snapdragon 690 processor will use X51 5G modem to offer multi giga speed and “advanced” 5G coverage.

The biggest feature, Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 will come with support for screens up to 120Hz refresh rate, first time for budget phones. 

Snapdragon 690 will also allow budget phones to shoot videos in 4K HDR, again a phenomenal upgrade for affordable phones. Smartphones running on Snapdragon 690 can offer 192MP still images in different combinations.

5G For All: Snapdragon 690, Budget 5G Chips

Qualcomm has been trying to diversify its 5G chip portfolio with different chips at different price ranges. The company aims to offer 5G for all, and the latest Snapdragon 690 5G and such other upcoming budget 5G chips will let manufacturers offer affordable phones with the latest 5G connectivity.

Qualcomm will keep on offering 5G chips at different price points to make 5G accessible to masses.

Already the support for 5G at a budget pricing changes the game for manufacturers. A flagship feature found on top-end phones till a few quarters back, 5G chips for budget phones will let companies offer 5G devices at affordable prices.

Not only 5G, with such features as b4K HDR video recording, 120Hz refresh rate support and 192MP still image photography, budget devices soon will have a lot to offer in the category.

India is yet to get 5G, but the world is steadily upgrading to the next-gen wireless technology.

Qualcomm also added that Snapdragon 690 is aimed at the global market as the rollout of 5G tends to pick up. Qualcomm will soon be releasing another mid-range 5G chip, Snapdragon 775G, an upgraded version of the popular Snapdragon 765G SoC with improved GPU and CPU technology.

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