Airtel 5G Rolled Out In Kolkata, Bengaluru – 5G Wave Hits India

5G is about to take over the telecom market in India!



Airtel 5G Rollout

The 5th generation wireless systems, or 5G in short, is about to take over the telecom market in India. Since last 48 hours, several new developments have been reported with respect to 5G deployment in India, both from private and Govt. sector.

Government’s stand in this regard is especially encouraging, because now, they are determined to deploy 5G across the country by 2020.

And, not to be left behind, private sector has already taken the initiative, as Airtel has launched India’s first 5G capable network in India.

For tech enthusiasts, this is indeed a good time to be alive.

Airtel Launches India’s 1st 5G Capable Network

Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru and superstar metropolis of yesteryears, Kolkata have become the lucky Indian cities to get India’s first 5G cities. Airtel has just deployed Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), which has been claimed to be India’s first 5G capable network.

This has been done under Airtel’s Project Leap network transformation program, wherein the network capability has been expanded by three to seven times, using the same spectrum.

In short, Airtel users will now be able to access Internet faster, much faster.

Explaining the technicalities, Airtel said in a statement: “Massive MIMO creates 3D beams both on horizontal and vertical planes towards users located within its coverage footprint. This helps in improving coverage and reducing interference across users in different beams, thereby improving signal quality (SINR) by 2-3dB. Serving multiple users by re-using same set of resource blocks (MU-MIMO) with improved signal quality helps in improving user experience, cell capacity and spectrum efficiency,”

Technically, Airtel has described this as “pre-5G technology”, which will help Airtel users to access better coverage inside buildings and underground locations.

Govt. Of India Determined For Compete 5G Rollout

Meanwhile Govt. of India has said that want the entire nation to be equipped and powered with 5G network, by 2020.

A high level committee of Ministers from telecom, information and technology have been formed, which will oversee the deployment of 5G, in the next 3 years, pan-India.

Minister of State for Communications Manoj Sinha said, “We missed the opportunity to participate when the standards were being set for 3G and 4G, but don’t want to miss the 5G opportunity. Now when the standards are being set for 5G across the world, India will also participate in the process,”

As per the initial plan, every urban location in the country would be provided with 10 Gbps broadband speed, and rural locations would be covered under 1 Gbps speed.

TRAI has already released consultation paper to seek feedback related with 3300-3400 Mhz and 3400-3600 Mhz bands which would be used for 5G network.

Explaining the requirement for 5G, the Minister said, “As per the OECD Committee on Digital Economic Policy, it has been stated that 5G technologies rollout will help in increasing GDP, creating employment, and digitizing the economy,”

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  1. Crowdedsnap says

    5g is not working well in Bangladesh.

  2. Crowdedsnap says

    Keep it up bro, u r doing great. Best wishes to you brother. Love From Bangladesh.

  3. weblihost says

    Are you sure 5 g network will be worthwhile. As for me not convinced. I

  4. Gaurav Ghosh says

    5g will rollout in 2020 but what you get ? Normal 4g speed you get less than what company said in Advertisement . Only Technology going upgraded but network speed not so as good upgraded in reality . Internet speed is poor . Thi

  5. TechZac says

    Airtel is only focusing on numbers, not the data speed. After launching of 4G, now you can’t use 2G and 3G for internet. Too slow.

  6. Rahul says

    Awesome if its true this is gonna be news of the year if Airtel will launch its 5G I am defiantly gonna use this.

  7. Bk Guria says

    Just before 4 months back I purchased 4G cabaple phone. Now, again I will have to purchase one more 5G cabaple phone, what will happens to my old phone ?

    1. Abhinav Bindra says

      This is the only business of telecom&smartphone manufacturing companies my friend.
      So for this we all have to stand up& unite to be able to stop this vast network of company’s income. So will u gonna ready for stand-up.

      1. Mannat Bagga says

        This is not happening in next 2 years so you can relax your stand-up for a year or so!

  8. Sai Bharat says

    After introducing 4g the voice call signals are worst than ever, now planning for 5g Hope we won’t even get even those weak signals also! first improve your network coverage..

  9. Mud says

    Hey – all of yall, take a look at this video :) :

  10. Ankur Srivastav says

    Are the 4G phones compatible with 5G too? If not, I don’t see any 5G compatible phones in the market.

  11. Hyper says

    This will be great .Waiting to launch in my city Rourkela.

  12. Rahul says

    When this airtel services will come to assam?

  13. Ashish Singh says

    What is the source of this information? I am from bangalore and I don’t see any increase in speed

  14. Debojit Deb says

    No because I have only 4G capable phone, that is Redmi note 4, need to find a good 5G capable phone, then buy it and then only I can test the super speed

  15. Sandeep says

    I don’t need airtel anymore…. This company only knows how to suck money

  16. Joyjit Sanyal says

    Airtel should try and provide stable 3G network before rolling out 5G services. At some places toh there 2G network is still to be made available.

  17. Bharti says

    Dear airtel in india thr are to many places airtel had 2G network only first try to update thz then go for 5 G

  18. Inthiyaz says

    Ofcourse’s must needed

  19. Avinaash Reddy P says

    No 5g mobile is released yet… Don’t miss guide customers

  20. JC says

    People are not even getting proper 3G, what is the point in adding numbers like 5G….. 10G?

  21. Nitin says

    Guys first u work on your network connectivity….
    U guys dont think people laugh on this news..

  22. Vivek Sreedharan says

    Yes the great 5g leap!! Gives only 5 mbps speed in Bangalore!!! Looks like some kind of scam!

  23. Mohammad wasiqur rahman says

    This will contribute in shining India slogan

  24. Mohammad wasiqur rahman says

    This is really surprising news..but it is fantastic. As every1 use to prase airtel network and users never left airtel.
    Above all, I hope there will be a employment and opportunity for better exp.
    Best of luck!?

  25. Varinder Battu says

    4g or 3g is sufficient for us. I have a 4g hanset. I will be a fool if i go to spend more money to buy a 5g compatible handset… Sorry for me, other necessities are there other than spending on mobiles

    1. dilip says

      so,what..there should be an option to upgrade network from 3g,4g to 5g..

  26. Ajay Verma says

    What a joke…..we are still not getting true 3g speed and now this new numerical on our phones 5G…….

  27. Santosh Singh Chauhan says

    Pahle 4g ko to theek kar Lo per 5G ko lunch Karna

  28. Harsh says

    In an age where Japan’s testing commercial deployment of 7G…..we r planning 5G in 3yrs….Flintstones….we r the Flintstones…:)

  29. Anand says

    Which mobile model has 5G capabilities in India?
    Can 4G hand set can be used for 5G?

  30. BoyLazy says

    Not Ready for another scam. 4g signal has not yet reached properly and they are already moving to 5g.

  31. Biplab says

    Airtel yet unable to serve 3G in west Bengal with a good signal, Many places covered with poor 2G, they are thinking about 5G Verry shame.

  32. Mohammed safi says

    Pehle 2g speed to barabar dedo 3g ka pata nahi 4g abhi ghaur se dekhe nahi to 5g leke aai what is ratio peed hai minimum speed of every G any body know sab C_yapa hai india mai

  33. John says

    Airtel presently 4G is not working how can they think of 5G. It’s all bogus. First take care of 4G

  34. Noel says

    What a misleading headline! 5G is still years away from deployment in even the most modern cities in the world including Singapore and South Korea, which has fastest 4G speeds in the world.
    MIMO isn’t 5G. It’s just a part of LTE-A (Long Term Evolution-advanced). Along with MIMO and Carrier aggregation (CA), what Airtel is trying to do is to achieve proper 4G LTE speeds as per the definition of 4G or LTE.
    The standard definition of 4G is 1Gbps speeds for a stationary client and 100Mbps for a mobile client..
    Even today, very few cities in the US support 1Gbps 4G LTE. In India, barely speeds over 30Mbps are ever seen, even when standing right next to the tower.. So forget abt 5G.
    Indian telecom companies are simply trying to catch up and implement “true 4G”.

  35. G Rajendran says

    Let Airtel complete it’s 4G network properly for existing customers first & then talk about 5G. Even in metros like chennai, the connectivity is poor.

  36. Shyam Singla says

    Highly encouraging. Sincerely wish Airtel gives tough competition to Jio and continues as a market leader.

  37. Subhasis says

    Why operators are trying to fool people, when 5G specification is yet to be freezed? By standard 3gpp

  38. Wasim says

    Taking big leap will not solve the problem, it should be steady and firm. In few parts of india getting a proper broadband speed is still a dream. I stay in kolkata and I admit that getting uninterrupted broadband is a future thing.

  39. Sudar says

    Great to see Airtel first in 5G….

  40. Sachin Ghulyani says

    The article needs to be corrected.
    Headline: Airtel 5G Rolled Out In Kolkata, Bengaluru.
    5G is still in testing phase around the world and it has NOT been launched. What they are launching is Massive MIMO which will make their network 5G ready. It does not mean that they have launched 5G!
    MIMO is not yet live in Bengaluru and Kolkata. It will be Live by the end of this year.

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