RedmiBook Laptop Specs Out, May Launch With Redmi K20: Full Details Here!

Redmi is indeed working on a laptop, and the company is planning to launch it alongside its first flagship soon. Touted to debut as its first Notebook, the RedmiBook has been leaked again, this time revealing crucial details.

Spotted on a Bluetooth certification site, the alleged laptop is to be called RedmiBook 14.

Both the Redmi K20 flagship and RedmiBook laptop remains the first products from Redmi.

The company was recently separated from the Xiaomi hat to be re-launched as an independent brand. Redmi currently focuses to work on budget gadgets empowering the best of technology at affordable prices.


Redmi Laptop: What We Know So Far!

While till now there’s been a thin clue that Redmi may launch a laptop this year, but no concrete information was available, as of now. But the new Bluetooth certification certainly confirms the presence of a laptop under Redmi, and it’s in the pipeline to be launched soon.

The company has already confirmed that they will launch a second product at the Redmi K20 launch.

While we don’t know what it is, it could be the leaked RedmiBook 14.

Many leaks hint at an IoT product or a wearable by Redmi, but we can’t rule out the possibility of the Redmi laptop straight away. The certification verifies that a laptop exists with an expected imminent launch.

Redmi Laptop: To Be Called RedmiBook 14?

The first Redmi laptop has been certified by Bluetooth SIG website revealing some key details, including the model number. While the naming is yet to be confirmed by the company, the some leaks calls the much-hyped Redmi laptop, RedmiBook 14.

The RedmiBook 14 name directly emphasis on its screen size.

The all-new Redmi laptop aka RedmiBook 14 will come with a 14-inch screen, much like the size of a small MacBook.

While this is still an alleged name and the company is yet to confirm it. Interestingly, Redmi hasn’t dropped any clue as of yet whether it’s making a laptop.

So, we need to wait a bit more until something official arrives.

Redmi Laptop Specs: RedmiBook 14 Specs & Features

Starting with the screen size, as already said, the RedmiBook 14 will come with a 14-inch screen and a small compact body. The upcoming Redmi laptop will be powered by an Intel processor and will be available in multiple variants, the Bluetooth certification reveals.

Some of the rumours suggest that the RedmiBook 14 is going to be cheaper compared to Xiaomi’s current set of Mi Notebooks.

The Redmi laptop and Xiaomi Mi Notebook will share a lot of common features including design and specs.

Apart from the 14-inch screen size and Intel processor, no other solid detail is out. While the device seems to be in its last stage of making, we would be hearing a lot about it in the next few days.

RedmiBook 14 India Launch: Will RedmiBook 14 Launch In India?

The Bluetooth certification confirms the upcoming Redmi laptop, RedmiBook 14 will be available in multiple variants. This hints at different variants for other markets. Redmi till now has brought in all it’s products to the country since January after being separated.

Mi Notebooks remain exclusive to China market. So, Xiaomi can find a perfect route to enter the laptop market in India with RedmiBook 14.

The availability of multiple variants doubles the chances of Redmi laptop launching in India and other markets, but again, it’s now entirely Xiaomi’s decision.

We still can’t confirm whether RedmiBook 14 will come to India or not, but certainly there’s a Redmi laptop in the way, and it may launch alongside the Redmi K20 series soon.

Finally coming to something confirmed we have, the upcoming Redmi flagship will be called K20, where the K stands for Killer.

The company will launch two smartphones under the new K20 series: Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro with another product, expected to be the new Redmi laptop, RedmiBook 14.

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