9 Features Of OnePlus 7 Pro You Should Know Before Buying It (Detailed Guide)

So, OnePlus is finally set to take on the heavyweights in the flagship segment. Once a flagship killer, OnePlus itself now aims to be a flagship, still being comparatively cheap compared to its contenders in the country.

The new smartphone packs in as much as any flagship would do.

Should, should you pick it? We answer.

We have done a complete analysis of each and every OnePlus 7 Pro feature to find out whether it’s worth it or not. Should OnePlus 7 Pro be the flagship you spend a half a lakh on?

Let’s find out.


Getting Deeper With The Display

To be brutally honest, it’s one of the finest displays one could have ever seen. You may not understand the difference while seeing it on a video, but when you use it, you understand the difference.

The company has done a really good job in building one of the best smartphone displays ever.

It’s an OLED 2K Fluid AMOLED display, very impressive, just like one would want on a high-end phone.

The higher refresh rate at 90Hz changes the game subtly. It’s really smooth and there’s a lot more to experience visually.

It’s Tall, And Heavy

The OnePlus 7 Pro at 205 grams does feel heavy. Like if you compare it with any other big phone, like Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, it even weighs 175 grams. You can feel the extra weight when you hold it.

Coming to the ergonomics, OnePlus 7 Pro is tall. Like straight up tall.

If you are a fan of big phones, this won’t disappoint you. Also the placement of the buttons are quite accurate and are comfortable to reach one-handed.

Coming to the build quality, the company doesn’t compromise on any corner. The metal frame on all sides, the solid build on the back and the matte finish does make it feel insanely premium.

Notch-Less Design & The Pop-Up Sensor

A year back, the pop-up sensors did seem kind of odd, but it’s quite mainstream now. Many manufacturers are using it, specially the Chinese ones to get rid off their notches. OnePlus certainly has done a great job in pulling off a classy notch-less display with curved sides and a slight chin down under.

The company has done a great job this time, fairly scoring above 93 percent screen to body ratio.

The display stretches edge to edge almost without any bezels on all the sides. It’s a neat job done, a perfect combination of a notch-less bezel-less display design and freaking amazing display quality.

The Fastest In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

In spite of not being a big fan of in-display fingerprint sensors, you just can’t ignore this one. First it’s blazing fast, and very accurate. Even it beats the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus sensor. OnePlus still uses an optical reader, and it beats the ultrasonic sensor on Samsung.

Another major part is the size. OnePlus 7 Pro has a larger area to put in your thumb.

These things don’t add up much, but these slight details do make a difference. OnePlus 7 Pro has a larger in-display sensor. It’s fast, like really fast as any physical fingerprint sensor.

The Best Hardware

The company has put in the best it could in terms of hardware. OnePlus 7 Pro runs on the best Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 855 processor with upto 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. OnePlus is using the LPDDR4X RAM, the best in the market.

It also packs in UFS 3.0 for storage, so that you can transfer anything whenever you need at ultra-fast speeds.

The smartphone has a dedicated gaming mode, and with the great hardware, you can play your favourite games all day long without much to think about. Plus, the awesome display is the icing on the cake with higher refresh rate.


Coming to cameras, OnePlus 7 Pro is currently the second best camera smartphone on earth after Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 5G, according to DxOMark. The triple camera system comprises of a primary Sony IMX 586 48-megapixel sensor coupled with a 8-megapixel telephoto lens with 3X optical zoom and a 16-megapixel wide angle lens with f/2.2 aperture and 117-degree field of view.

On top, the pop-up shooter packs in a Sony IMX 471 16-megapixel lens.

The smartphone does a great job with the dynamics. The primary lens can create some awesome shots in good lighting.

The images have the right amount of colours with almost right contrast and a bit warmer, if compared to some other flagships. The front camera does a fair job as well, but certainly not the best.

No Water Resistance

Marketing your phone as premium flagship doesn’t qualify it to be premium, unless it does something premium. Like staying in a swimming pool for hours or under water photography. Again OnePlus has not added any IP rating.

With the motorized selfie camera on top, things may turn out bad.

Though the company did put it in a bucket full of water to show the smartphone is good enough to survive such falls. But still, an IP rating would help customers understand what they can do with their phones.

Android Q Priority Access & OxygenOS

As promised, the company will again be offering priority access to Android Q beta program with OnePlus 7 handsets. The company has an improved OxygenOS, where it trims down the length of common animations between apps you use at the same time.

The RAM management is superb, and the software further makes it easy.

Battery, Fast Charging & No Wireless Charging

OnePlus again has given the wireless charging a miss, feature quite common among flagships now. It does ship with its proprietary 30W Warp fast charging feature, but doesn’t come with any sort of wireless charging support.

You get a 4,000mAh unit this time, easily capable of running for day.

With Warp Charge, you can juice up your new OnePlus 7 Pro upto 48 percent from 0 at under 20 minutes.

So, Should You Buy OnePlus 7 Pro?

Let’s talk about pricing. The smartphone starts at Rs 48,999 in the country for the base model with 6GB of RAM with 128GB of storage. The base pricing is quite affordable is compared to other flagships from Samsung and Apple.

But, is it worth spending half a lakh?

OnePlus 7 Pro does put in the right weight in a lot of places. The display’s awesome, the camera’s good, great software, battery, build and much more.

While it still misses out on water resistance and wireless charging, there’s still a lot to be appreciated.

The company has done a fair job in creating a handset capable of doing things a much-costly handset can do, but it will still be pricey for many in Indian market.

Talking about value for money, it could have been a few thousand bucks cheaper, given the regular OnePlus 7 base model has a 13,000 price difference.

Anyways, to sum up, OnePlus 7 Pro is indeed a great smartphone. There’s nothing to complain or more to ask for.

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