OnePlus 7 Pro Receives Top-Tier Display Rating; Teaser Video Shows Notch-Less Display For Oneplus 7

What is that one phone, which is at par with an affordable budget, while providing all the specs and features at the same time? If you are even a tiny bit at terms with the waves of technological preferences in the mobile market today, you would hear in unison, OnePlus!

Now, while we had already leaked all the news about the epitome of the perfect phone OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro are going to be, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau tweeted on April 23rd, confirming OnePlus 7 Pro’s launch in Bangalore on 14th May.

OnePlus 7 Pro Does What Samsung Could Never Do!

Not getting into much details regarding the complete specification and features of OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, as we have elaborately covered them well in advance, providing you with all the exciting leaks.

It is allegedly believed that the 7 Pro will have Dual Speakers, which would thereby provide a Stereo music experience. So all the folks watching videos in landscape mode, you’ll not miss a thing.

In this candid picture-perfect generation, what could enhance your list of memories would surely be the Triple Camera, constituting of a normal lens, wide-angle lens and telephoto lens; because you know, 3 is better than 1! As we’ve already covered all the ins and outs of this model provides by the pop-up selfie cameras, giving a real-time effect.

The main attraction here that OnePlus hasn’t been able to depict more and techies haven’t been able to talk about lesser, is the new OnePlus 7 Pro’s A+ Top Tier Display rating from DisplayMate for its record-breaking display, making it one of the very best smartphone displays in the market. It has now raised the bar for smartphone displays across the industry.

The screen has a quad HD plus panel screen with a refresh speed screen rate of frequency 90Hz. The standard screen refresh rate is 60Hz, while OnePlus 7 Pro providing it with 90Hz, speaking for its renowned expectations. The display also received the ‘Safety for Eyes’ certification from  VDE Testing and Certification Institute, as it filters out the harmful blue lights thus providing not only an impeccable viewing experience but also protecting your eyes from prolonged hours of use. Now, you know you can play online games and read books for as long as you wish, without worrying about exposing your eyes to harmful radiations. OnePlus takes care of these all. Its upgraded eye protection features allow for an adjustable temperature and brightness to enhance eye comfort.

How Could You Have Not Heard?

Complying with all the exemplary features depicted by OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, it has seemingly made an appearance in a music video by Indian singer Neha Bhasin, through the OnePlus Playback, a platform to promote independent music. At the same time, two images of Pete Lau with OnePlus 7 Pro placed on his table at a restaurant have been reported. The alleged OnePlus 7 phone in the video features a flat display panel, which apparently does not feature any water-drop style notch. The absence of a rear-facing fingerprint scanner confirms that the phone features an in-display fingerprint reader.

There has also been vigorous advertisement for promoting the same, with the number 7 highlighted in every scope of livelihood, right from the areas of travel to something as vivid as sports.

The tickets for the launch in Bangalore on 14th May went on sale last week, as OnePlus’ biggest launch event yet. It can be viewed by tuning in to the live stream.

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