30% Off On Star India’s New English Movies, Sports Packs; Airtel Slashes Network Connect Fees

Star India has reduced the prices of some channels, packs
Star India has reduced the prices of some channels, packs

The new Cable TV regime is underway, and the deadline is March 31st, 2019 for all users to adapt to the new rules.

Even as we speak, India’s 2nd largest DTH provider: Airtel Digital has announced removal of NCF or Network Connect Fees for some selected channels. We will share the full list of the channels, for which this discount is applicable.

Meanwhile, Star India has announced upto 30% discount on some channel packs, under the new Cable TV rules.

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Airtel Digital: No Network Connect Fees For These Channels

Network Connect Fees or NCF is the base amount which is required to pay to access 100 channels. Beyond 100, consumers are required to pay additional NCF. This is Rs 130 plus GST.

After TataSky, Sun Direct and Dish TV announced slashing of NCF for some channels, and some packs, Airtel Digital too has announced reduction in NCF for their customers.

However, this reduction is applicable only for few selected channels.

The channels for which there will be no NCF are:


Shop CJ




ABP News

India TV

R Bharat

Republic TV

Tiranga TV






Dabangg TV

Bhojpuri Cinema

Divya TV





Public TV

Praja TV Kannada

Besides these, there are niche DD channels as well, for which there shall be no NCF.

TRAI has already allowed Cable and DTH firms to offer discounts on NCF for additional channels, and for multi-connection households.

Star India: Upto 30% Off On English Movies, Sports Channels

Meanwhile Star India has decided to give further relief to their consumers, by announcing new combinations of channels and packs with more discounts.

If we do an analysis of before-after pricing, then we will find that now, Star India viewers can have upto 30% discount.

Earlier, Star India didnt offer their popular six sports channels and seven English channels in any pack. Hence, the consumers were forced to choose these channels separately or in an à la carte model.

This means, that before the price cut, the Star India viewer needed to shell out Rs 142/mo for the pay channel tariff and Rs 60 for additional NCF. Or Rs 202 total for watching these six sports channels and seven English channels.

But now, after the announcement of new packs, the actual cost of watching these six sports channels and seven English channels would come to Rs 140 per month, which also includes NCF of Rs 40.

Star India has announced new packs for inducing this reduction in cost: Mini and Premium, which are available in both SD and HD.

Here are the details:

English Mini English Mini HD English Premium English Premium HD
MRP: Rs 20 MRP: Rs 35 MRP: Rs 49 MRP: Rs 85
Star Movies Star Movies HD Star Movies Star Movies HD
Star World Star Movies Select HD Star World Star Movies Select HD
Fox Life Star World HD Fox Life Star World HD
Star Sports 1 Star World Premiere HD
Star Sports Select 1 Fox Life HD
Star Sports Select 2 Star Sports HD1
Star Sports 2 Star Sports Select HD1
Star Sports 3 Star Sports Select HD2
Star Sports First Star Sports HD2
National Geographic Channel Star Sports 3
Nat Geo Wild Star Sports 3
Star Sports First
National Geographic HD
Nat Geo Wild HD
Baby TV HD


Source of this analysis

As per Hathaway, 85% of their consumers are opting for plans and packs suggested by them, rather than choosing the broadcasters’ pack.

Under this scenario, it became important for Star India to reduce the price.

We are expecting other broadcasters to follow suit, very soon.

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