Airtel’s 4G Speed Improves By 85%; But Jio #1 With 20.9 Mbps Speed

The war going on in the Indian Telecom sector is nowhere near the end. Sometimes it is Airtel who is having the upper hand, sometimes it is Reliance Jio who is winning it. And surprisingly, the third wheel of this sector, Vodafone Idea is also successfully making a dent in the ecosystem.

Reliance Jio is still the fastest network in the country

As per the latest reports of telecom regulator TRAI, Reliance Jio maintained the top position in the 4G speed chart with a 20.9 megabit per second (Mbps) average download rate in September. At the same time, Vodafone Idea topped in the upload segment with 7.2 Mbps data speed.

It should be noted that Reliance Jio’s 4G network speed increased by about 15 percent in September. At the same time, its competitors Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea (VIL) speed jumped by about 85 percent and 60 percent month-on-month to 11.9 Mbps and 14.4 Mbps.

The download speed helps consumers access content from the internet, while upload speed helps them send or share pictures or videos to their contacts.

Improvement is being shown by all players in the industry

According to Trai, in September, there was an improvement in the 4G upload speed of the three telecom private operators.

Vodafone Idea managed to maintain an average upload speed of 7.2 Mbps in September. It was followed by Reliance Jio with an upload speed of 6.2 Mbps and Bharti Airtel 4.5 Mbps.

Surprisingly, even though our beloved, age-old, State-owned telecom operator, BSNL has rolled out 4G service in selected areas, its network speed did not figure in the TRAI chart.

TRAI computes, the average speed based on the data it collects across India with the help of its MySpeed application on a real-time basis.

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