Zero Network Connect Fees For Dish TV Users Till 189 FTA Channels; Cheaper HD Packs Announced

HD Channels have become cheaper and more accessible under new TRAI rules.

Network Connect Fees waived for Dish TV users
Network Connect Fees waived for Dish TV users

Zee Network backed Dish TV has announced a big relief for all their consumers: Now, they can watch upto 189 FTA or Free to Air channels without paying anything extra.

How will it work?

Besides, new, and cheaper HD packs have also been announced for all users.

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DIsh TV: No Network Connect Fees Till 189 FTA Channels

Following the footsteps of Tata Sky and Sun Direct, Dish TV too has announced waiver of Network Connect Fees or NCF. This waiver means that by paying Rs 130 plus GST, Dish TV users can now watch upto 189 FTA (Free to Air) channels.

Rs 130 plus GST is the minimum amount charged for watching 100 base channels. This can include both FTA and pay channels.

Now, in case a user wants to watch more than 100 channels, then he will have to pay Network Connect Fees at the rate of Rs 20 for 25 channels slab.

This additional network connect fees has been waived off for all users

Sun Direct was the first DTH operator to announce zero Network Connect Fees for additional channels beyond 100.

Tata Sky has announced waiver for NCF, only for few selected FTA channels.

Interestingly, TRAI has already said that DTH operators and Cable companies can waive off, or provide an additional discount on NCF for additional channels beyond 100.

We are expecting that soon, other DTH and Cable operators too will announce a discount on NCF.

For Pay Channels, there has been no discount offered by Sun Direct, Tata Sky or Dish TV.

Dish TV Rolls Out Cheaper HD Channels

Meanwhile, Dish TV too has announced new HD packs for their consumers. Earlier, Dish TV had only offered SD packs.

Some of the new HD packs announced by Dish TV are:

English Movies and News HD: Rs 101

English Entertainment HD: Rs 62

Kids HD: Rs 23

Infotainment and Lifestyle HD: Rs 51

Hindi Entertainment HD: Rs 133

Hindi Movies and News HD: Rs 80

All Hindi HD: Rs 197

English Cricket HD: Rs 57

Bangla HD : Rs 71

Marathi HD for Rs 70

Tamil HD for Rs 57

We have already reported how HD channels have now become cheaper under the new Cable TV regime, and consumers now have more options.

Tata Sky has already launched HD packs starting at Rs 11, and even SITI Cable now offers HD packs.

Tata Sky is right now #1 in offering HD packs, as they have covered 97% of all channels in HD

Even Govt. bodies have decided to offer HD channels for all.


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