Demand For HD Channels Increase: Tata Sky Offers HD Packs At Rs 11; Siti Cable Adds New HD Channels

New Cable TV regulations have triggered a new interest in HD Channels

Tata Sky has launched new HD Packs
Tata Sky has launched new HD Packs

India’s largest DTH operator: Tata Sky has now introduced fresh, new HD packs for its users. Starting at Rs 11, Tata Sky has now allowed users to watch several channels in HD, and that too in a low cost.

Under the new Cable TV Regulations introduced since January, there has been an increased influx of HD Packs and Channels from various DTH and Cable operators.

Tata Sky’s New HD Packs: Complete Details

There is a total of 9 new HD Packs, which have been launched by Tata Sky.

These are:

Cricket Hindi HD: Rs 42/month (2 channels included)

Cricket English HD: Rs 44/month (2 channels included)

Music HD: Rs 11/month (7 channels included)

Knowledge & Lifestyle Mini HD: Rs 53/month (9 channels included)

Knowledge & Lifestyle HD: Rs 83/month (17 channels included)

English Entertainment HD: Rs 76/month (7 channels included)

English Movies Mini HD: Rs 76/month (5 channels included)

Kids Mini HD: Rs 45/month (5 channels)

Kids HD: Rs 53/month (12 channels)

Besides, 12 new SD channels have also been launched, which covers various categories. News SD Pack is the cheapest one, which costs Rs 5/month.

Some of these channels are:

Cricket Hindi: Rs 42/month

Cricket English: Rs 44/month

Music: Rs 7/month

Knowledge & Lifestyle Mini: Rs 21/month

Knowledge & Lifestyle: Rs 34/month

English News: Rs 23/month

English Entertainment: Rs 49

English Movies Mini: Rs 55/month

English Movies: Rs 82/month

Kids Mini: Rs 28/month

Kids SD: Rs 35/month

HD Channels Increase Under New Cable TV Rules

As per various reports, and observations, it has been seen that HD or High Definition Packs and offerings have suddenly increased under the new Cable TV Regulations.

As we reported just now, Tata Sky has introduced several new HD packs, which are affordable as well, and had earlier removed HD Access fees.

Now, other Cable TV operators and DTH companies too have increased HD offerings for the users.

Siti Cable, which is backed by Zee Group, too has added new channels into their bouquet, and out of which, 20 are HD. Some of the new HD channels added are: UTV HD, ESPN HD, FYI HD, BBC Earth HD and Aaj Tak HD.

We are expecting that other DTH operators too will sense the trend, and offer more HD channels to their users.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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